This cheap combo is perfect to start your smart home

you can always buy smart gadgets more sophisticated in the future. For example, there are many types of smart appliances that you can have in the kitchen or in other areas of the house. In this case, the investment can be higher. But for something basic, as you will see, you don’t need that much.

cheap smart devices

The combo that we propose is to buy smart plugs and light bulbs. It can be one of each or several, depending on what you need. With that, you can start to domotize your house in an economical and simple way. You will see that they are very useful, especially the plug when being able to connect other devices.

Light bulbs

But how much do they really cost? We are going to leave you some options for each type of device. First, let’s show some smart bulbs. You will see that you can even buy a pack of them, to place them in different places in the house. With this, you can decide when to turn lights on or off, even if you are not physically in the house. You can even save electricity.

An example is this brand light bulb WiZ. It is white and colored light, compatible with Alexa and Google Home. It has SpaceSense technology, which you can use as a presence detector. This is useful for it to turn on when you walk into a room, for example. It also has the function of adjusting the brightness, something that will save energy.

On the other hand, a cheaper option is this pack of two Garza Smart bulbs. It is programmable and also has compatibility with Alexa and Google Home. You will be able, by voice, to decide when they turn on or off. Its low consumption also helps save on the electricity bill.

Wi-Fi plugs

You will have many more options with the smart plugs. You will be able to connect devices to them and control them remotely. For example, you could hook up a dishwasher and decide when to turn it on. The same with an air conditioner, a stove, a lamp or anything else.

Although you will not be able, for example, to raise and lower the air temperature, you will be able to turn the devices on or off. They will be used to automate, at least partially, old household appliances without having to be smart.

An example is this plug Amazon Smart Plug. It is compatible with Alexa and allows you to control any device you connect, through your voice. You can schedule automatic on or off, control them remotely and you won’t need any additional controller to use it.

Another option is this pack of 4 smart plugs Antela. They have an energy monitor, so you will be able to know at all times how much the devices you have plugged in consume. They are compatible with Alexa and Google Home and you will be able to program them to work automatically.

As you can see, this combo is perfect to start automating your home. It is not expensive and offers a series of interesting possibilities to start making a home smart. You can try them before deciding to buy more expensive products.

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