This handyman pimped out a Buzz Lightyear doll with spectacular results

Pixar’s latest installment has finally shown us what it was famous for buzz lightyear. Until now, the Toy Story movies have only shown us this character as the toy that becomes Andy’s favorite. A simple plastic doll who is absolutely convinced that he is a space warrior. If you are a fan of this Pixar franchise, surely at some point in your life you have had a toy figure of Buzz Lightyear. Now that we know the real aspect of the character, a youtuber sculpture expert has modified his doll so that it looks exactly the same as in the movie that was released a few weeks ago in theaters.

What’s behind the Buzz Lightyear redesign?

One of the things that surprised us the most when we saw the first images of Lightyear was the character redesign. The new Buzz is much more expressive, and looks much more realistic than the original.

Obviously, the animation studio has applied these changes to the astronaut thanks to technological advances that have allowed it, and to give it a more human touch in its spinoff. However, they will always hide behind the fact that what we saw in Toy Story was simply a Buzz Lightyear toy. A doll that is nothing more than merchandise of a film that little Andy saw in the cinema, and that some 25 years later, we have finally been able to see too.

Improving Mattel’s Buzz

buzz mod toy

But then, we could ask ourselves a question. If the buzz of toy story is a toy and Lightyear no… Why is Mattel now selling a Buzz Lightyear that looks like the one in the new Pixar movie? The youtuber Zedabyu Creations has not wanted to enter this debate, but has volunteered to improve the design of the new toy to make it look even more like the one we saw in the movie.

In a video titled ‘Fixing the Lightyear of 2022’, Zedabyu Creations has recorded itself applying a series of fixes to Mattel’s new Buzz Lightyear. The artist has a really interesting channel where he is dedicated to sculpting, modifying and painting toy figures. He has about 65,000 followers, and some of his videos have gone quite viral.

Zedabyu Creations has taken as a base the Buzz Lightyear that Mattel has started selling after the premiere of Lightyear this summer. Making use of various tools, the artist achieves remove some of the features of the original model, such as bangs or eyebrows. Subsequently, he uses epoxy resin to build new volumes and completely recreate the true appearance of the character in the feature film.

But the thing does not stop there. Zedabyu Creations does not leave a single detail in the inkwell. The artist finishes off the design by updating the range of colors painting all kinds of details on the space warrior’s suit. It also removes the original stickers by others of higher resolution and much more similar to those of the film.

The result is the doll that Mattel really should have put up for sale. A much better finished product, but it would hardly cost the 18 euros that the original doll is worth.

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