This is how Chrome will prevent you from being robbed when paying online

Buying online is commonplace and we have more and more options available, with websites and platforms that allow us to pay easily. However, there is always the risk, albeit small, that there will be a data breach or there will be a problem when paying. In this sense, Google Chrome is going to make pay with cards be safer and it will prevent us from being robbed when buying something.

Chrome improves security when paying

One of the techniques most used by hackers to steal bank details is to get hold of the card number. With that they could supplant the identity and make fraudulent payments. That is why there are safer cards to pay and some of them are single-use or rechargeable.

What Google is going to do in its Chrome browser to avoid problems of this type is change card number constantly. It will use a virtual number instead of the real one, something that will add an extra layer of security and, in case it is leaked, it will not allow an attacker to use the card with the real digits.

This is very interesting if the page where we are going to make a purchase suffers a cyber attack. Keep in mind that the theft of bank card data not only depends on the user, but also on the page where they are going to buy. If that website is hacked or has any vulnerability, you can leak information.

With this novelty that Google Chrome is going to include, when paying with a card we are not showing the real number, but virtual numbers that change It will make making online payments more secure and we will have less risk of an attacker interfering.

Google works with card companies

From Google they are working with the bank card companies to make this change. In some cases, the numbering change occurs in the CVV code, which will be a different one for each website where we make a purchase. Therefore, at least initially, this system will require that it be compatible with the card we use.

There are already some online services that allow you to create virtual cards for each payment. Basically it is something that many banks offer and that we can use to make purchases with greater security on the Internet. But this goes a little further and is an implementation of the Chrome browser itself, which will allow you to pay with different card numbers easily.

It is planned that Google will also include this in Android, so it can be used in applications of this mobile operating system. At the moment it can be used in Chrome, but it is expected that in the future it will also be integrated with other programs and we will be able to make payments with greater security on the network.

In short, Google goes one step further to make Internet payments more secure. It will use a new system in Chrome that changes the number of the bank card to prevent a hacker from intercepting the real one and supplanting our identity.

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