ASUSTOR launches its first 2.5G Multigigabit switch, ideal for your local network

Main features

The manufacturer ASUSTOR has launched its first unmanageable switch today, the main characteristics of this model is that it has a total of 5 ports 2.5G MultigigabitThanks to this Multigigabit or NBASE-T technology, we can synchronize at speeds of 2.5Gbps, 1Gbps and 100Mbps, ideal to perfectly adapt to the different network cards that we have in our equipment or wired devices. If you have a PC or a NAS server with a Multigigabit network card, this switch model is perfect for you, because it will provide us with more than twice the speed of typical Gigabit Ethernet connections, while being completely silent because it does not incorporate any type of fan. In the event that you do not have a Multigigabit card yet, it is a good time to configure your local network with Multigigabit speeds and enjoy these hardwired speeds.

This switch is based on a chipset Realtek RTL8731 + RTL8221B, so its operation is guaranteed, in addition, it has a low consumption of only up to 10W in full operation, in this way, this high performance Multigigabit switch is also very low consumption.

This switch has support for Jumbo Frames up to 12K, this allows to have a much higher efficiency than if we used an MTU of 1,500 bytes that is typical in local networks. Thanks to the compatibility with Jumbo Frames, we will be able to squeeze even more speed by reducing the number of packets to be transmitted, and, therefore, the number of headers that we have to transport. Other very interesting features are that it incorporates a 25Gbps total switching capacity, we must remember that Multigigabit speeds are always Full-Duplex, we also have a 16K MAC address table, a total data flow of 12.5Gbps, a packet buffer of 4.1Mbit and a packet forwarding rate of 18.6Mpps.

This ASUSTOR ASW205T model has a completely metal housing and with a really good design, so we have heat dissipation without the need for any type of active ventilation, the cooling is completely passive. This model has dimensions of 90 x 140 x 28 mm and only 350 grams, so we can place it almost anywhere, for example, in the PAU (User Access Point) of the new homes, because it will fit in the hole perfectly and we will have our home local network at Multigigabit speeds.

This model can be anchored directly to the wall and also to the PAU, since in the lower part it incorporates the slots to screw correctly. However, we also have the possibility of placing it on a table.

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