This is how data storage should be in 2023

data storage In 2023 it will continue to be a matter of great relevance for businessmen and consumers. The safeguarding of personal data seems of vital need and that is why companies must be up to date in terms of business storage and always give the best answers.

At the head of these proposals is Infinidat, who from their web space propose us What will be the trends to develop in 2023?. If long ago data storage required a great effort and an increase in companies, everything indicates that 2023 will be the key year for storage.

In this sense, Infinidat brings us the five proposals for business data storage and be taken into account by the companies and thus get the most out of information conservation.

Confluence of cybersecurity and data storage

If we combine cybersecurity and storage, we will obtain the perfect base for the development of Information Technology (IT) in companies. And it is that both the CIOs and the CISOs interpret that combining cybersecurity and storage is vitally important if they want to guarantee the future of their companies.

These experts in the field protect the network, implement firewalls, and everything related to security, but all the data ends up in storage, which exposes the need to find a solution to fight against a cyber attack.

Instant recovery from cyberattacks with confidence in the data

Infinidat attends to the importance of respond to cyber attacks. This is how it reveals that the value lies in knowing their frequency, when and with what, rather than whether or not they are going to suffer that cyberattack. The reality indicates that it is a fact for which the need is to be prepared.

When the attack comes, the response must be immediate. Infinity proposes a Action Reaction. This immediacy starts from having a valid copy of the data in order to proceed with its recovery quickly. In this sense, snapshots become important, which will guarantee the security of the data.

Abnormal patterns for secondary storage scanning

Meet scanning solutions with the ability to detect anomalous patterns It will be the number one point for companies. In an observed period between two and three years, experts predict an expansion to primary storage. With cyber scanning, used as a tool, it will be possible to strengthen data infrastructure and thus protect the business system.

Resilience as a storage solution

In this search for data protection, making it easy is a point of support for companies. are wanted solutions that are easy to implement and use. Demand is growing not only in automation, but also autonomous automationwhich will give them speed and efficiency in data recovery.

Cyber ​​resiliency in primary and secondary storage

Cybersecurity experts understand that the attacks will not only reach the secondary data, but they will also do the same with the primary ones. It is widely thought that cyber resiliency is only about backing up data, but it goes beyond that.

Thus, companies should focus their objectives on the protection against cyber attacks and insider threats in both primary and secondary storage. 2023 will be characterized by the awareness of the need to configure plans for cyber-disasters, based on fast-executing data recovery.

The change in thinking is to go from being reactive or waiting for the cyberattack to then act accordingly to proactively prepare for recovery. That is, it happens when it happens the answer will be ready, something that in matters of cybersecurity is a step forward. Companies must be organized and willing to provide an effective response to a cyber attack and its subsequent recovery.

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