This is how hackers choose who to attack

Whenever we browse the Internet we can be victims of many cyber attacks. Hackers are going to use multiple strategies to steal passwords, personal data, infect systems… Now, what?how cybercriminals choose their victims? We are going to talk about it in this article. We will explain what they take into account and also give some tips to avoid problems.

How cybercriminals choose their victims

The cyber criminals They are clear that not all Internet users are the same. Not all of them will be able to actually obtain an economic benefit, nor will all of them be vulnerable to breaking security. Therefore, they will take into account certain aspects to choose who to attack.

economic interest

One of those aspects is economic interest. We can say that ransomware has become one of the most frequent threats on the Internet. Hackers can decide who to target with ransomware, who to invest their resources in, based on what they can actually get.

And here the companies are generally going to participate. if they succeed sneak ransomware into a large companyThey will have a higher chance of success. At the end of the day, having everything paralyzed, without being able to sell or produce, is going to cause more economic losses for that company than the ransom attacker is going to demand to release the files.

Specific profiles of a company

They can also set their sights on a specific profile within a company. For example someone who has access to sensitive data of that organization, which can use vital computer equipment for it to function properly. In this way they guarantee that a cyber attack will cause more damage.

In addition, the fact of targeting specific workers can give them access to certain data with which they will be able to blackmail. For example, they could sell that information to the competition and thus obtain an economic benefit.

People who have leaked information

Another clear goal is to target people who have leaked information on the internet. In this case, they are users who have made an error on the network. For example, if they publish their e-mail in open forums or put their phone number on social networks and that is exposed for anyone to see.

They will be able to use this information to launch more personalized attacks and have a greater chance of success. For example, they could launch a Phishing attack against a phone number if they know that person has an account at a certain bank. The victim will be more likely to end up clicking.

Users using a vulnerable service or equipment

The vulnerabilities on the Internet are the gateway for many attackers. If they discover that someone is using a specific service that has a bug, they can exploit it and manage to steal information or cause errors in the system. The same if it is a vulnerability in some device.

Therefore, users who have a vulnerable operating system or any computer that has an uncorrected bug will also be targeted.

How to avoid being victims of cyber attacks

So, what can we do to avoid falling victim to these types of problems and being attacked by cybercriminals? Undoubtedly the most important is the common sense. It is essential to take measures to be protected and avoiding making mistakes is going to be fundamental. Never expose personal data on the network, do not install applications from unofficial sources and always keep systems up to date.

Also, having a good antivirus It will be essential to protect the system and prevent the entry of malware. In case any malicious software appears, for example if you mistakenly download a dangerous file, this type of security application will detect it and remove it before it acts.

But you especially have to take this into account and be protected if you work in a company and manage essential data. We have seen that they are a clear target for hackers and they can take advantage of it.

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