You can now protect your mail thanks to DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Email Protection improves privacy

This new service is called DuckDuckGo Email Protection. This is not a new email that you have to do as if it were Gmail, but rather an alias that masks your original address. The objective is to achieve greater privacy, avoid the trackers that arrive through an email and thus prevent your data from being exposed.

It is a fact that through e-mail they could track us. For example, knowing if we have opened that email or not. Although it is true that traditional providers have greatly improved the privacythere are still problems in this regard. Now with DuckDuckGo Email Protection you can be more protected.

To use it, you need to have Chrome or Firefox, since you will need to install an extension from its website. The installation process is quick and easy. You can also use it on mobile, both on iOS and Android, but in this case you need to install its application.

Once you have installed it and you give it to start, on one of the first screens you will see information about what this service really does. DuckDuckGo email protection. In summary, it reports the following:

  • They do not store your emails
  • They only save the linked address
  • They do not use personal data
  • They block all possible trackers
  • They do not use third-party services

From there you can create an alias. You can put the name you want, with the extension Underneath you must put the real address from which you are going to forward the emails, which is basically the email address that you want to protect from trackers.

Create aliases with DuckDuckGo

In addition, you will be able to register on online platforms using this alias, without the need to expose your real address. A positive point in order to improve privacy.

When is it useful to use this service

As you can see, using DuckDuckGo Email Protection is very simple. You just have to follow a series of steps and you will quickly start using it and protecting your email address. We can say that it is especially useful in certain circumstances in which our address may be compromised.

One of them is at the time of registering in pages or platforms that may be insecure. In these cases we can start receiving numerous spam emails that flood our inbox. A major problem and not a good idea to occur at our main address. In this way, thanks to this alias and DuckDuckGo protection, we can prevent it from happening.

Therefore, it is interesting to be able to use this DuckDuckGo email protection service when you are going to register on a platform that is not reliable or expose your real email address in some way. Opening an e-mail Spam affects security and should be avoided.

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