Xiaomi temperature meters to control your home

Controlling the temperature in our home is one of the possibilities offered by home automation. We can use different devices that will allow us to know at all times what the temperature is and thus be able to control devices such as air conditioning or heating. The objective is also to save money on the electricity bill, since it helps us to optimize. In this article we are going to talk about some Xiaomi temperature gauges that you can find

Xiaomi temperature gauges

Xiaomi is one of the best-known brands internationally and also has multiple home automation devices. they couldn’t miss temperature and humidity sensors that allow better understanding of these measurements. This way we can better manage when to turn the heating or air conditioning on and off.

Xiaomi mijia

One of the Xiaomi thermometers that you can find is the Mijia model. It is quite small, so you can place it anywhere without getting in the way. If you are looking to control the temperature and humidity of your home and also be able to have a record by time, it is undoubtedly a very interesting option.

All that data will be synchronized through the mobile application. In addition, you can install several devices at different points and thus be able to control the temperature in a room, in the living room, etc. at all times. You can see when it is colder or hotter and thus manage when to turn on the air or heating.

Xiaomi watch with humidity and temperature monitor

Another option is this clock for your bedside table that has a temperature and humidity monitor. It is a product with a different design, longer and also larger. It is more oriented to use as table clockbut you will also be able to synchronize it with your phone and start receiving information.

It has an electronic ink screen and helps you control the humidity and temperature in the different rooms where you decide to place it. It has intuitive emoticons to tell you if you are in a comfortable range or, on the contrary, there is excessive humidity or temperature. This will help you better manage air conditioning devices and also save energy. You can see it on the Xiaomi website.

Xiaomi Temperature Watch

Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Something different is this Xiaomi Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor device. It is different from the others since this time it does not include a screen. It is simply a sensor that you can place wherever you need and it will communicate with the mobile to be able to manage, through the application, what temperature and humidity it is.

It has a round design, slightly larger than a €2 coin. This makes it very manageable, since you can place it anywhere without being a hindrance. You can buy multiple sensors and thus distribute them throughout your home.

As you can see, there are different Xiaomi devices with which you can control the temperature of your home. They are useful to know at all times whether or not you need to turn on the air conditioning or heating, record a history and have a graph or simply for those who like statistics and are curious.

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