This is how you will save your files on the Internet

Saving files in the cloud and having them available anywhere is something that has increased a lot in recent times. We have many platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox, but there are many more with different features. But if we think about the future, what will it be like? the cloud in a few years? In this article we are going to talk about the forecasts, what hosting of this type can mean and why.

Future of cloud storage

There is no doubt that the way we save has changed a lot. files and backups. What now fits on a small microSD card, a few years ago we had to store it on a much larger hard drive. Something similar happens with the cloud, since today we can find much more available space than a few years ago.

More cloud than physical memories

The first question to take into account is very clear: we are going to use the cloud more and more and minus physical memories. You just have to look at the fact that many mobile models, even high-end ones, no longer have a slot to insert microSD cards. They bet everything on the use of the cloud and not so much on having files physically stored on the device. (

We can see the same in computers too. In order to save space and reduce weight, it is rare to find a laptop that has even 1TB of space. They bet more for 256 GB or 512 GB, also to lower costs. If we need more space, we must use external drives or use the cloud. The trend is going to be that and in the future we will use more platforms similar to Drive or Dropbox to save everything.

Automatic backups

The Backups They are very important so as not to lose data and always have everything safe. But something that will increase a lot in the next few years are automatic backups. We are going to want our phone or computer to make copies in the cloud periodically, either every day or from time to time.

Why is it going to be more common? One reason is that mobile data rates are going to be more extensive. There will even come a time when unlimited data is commonplace. That, together with 5G networks, will make uploading several gigabytes of data to the cloud not a problem. Today it is normal for us to make these copies manually or through Wi-Fi.

Cloud backups

You’re going to need more space

You will also need more space. Maybe you currently have a contracted cloud service of, for example, 1 TB. But in a few years that will fall short. Think about the videos and photos you take with your mobile today and the size they occupy compared to models from a few years ago.

Therefore, the trend is that we are going to need more and more space. We will see multi-TB cloud storage services as normal. This will allow us to make backup copies without problems and always have large files available to view anywhere.

linked platforms

Another factor to take into account is that we will have more linked platforms. It already happens today, but surely in the future there will be more. This means that it will be common for your email to be linked to a cloud service, that you can host content from Netflix and platforms of this type in another cloud, for example.

This will also open up a range of options for file sharing, but also for playing multimedia content. The cloud will be more present in many sectors of our day to day.

In short, as you can see, the future of the cloud is going to change, as it has already done in recent years. More space, more usage, and also changes in the way we do backups. You can always consider using the private cloud as well.

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