These types of lights are the ones that most affect your Wi-Fi

There are many things that can affect the wireless network at home. There are devices that generate interference, objects that can block the signal, bad locations for the router… In this article we are going to talk about something specific. Let’s explain what type of lights can affectespecially, to Wifi. You will see that you may have problems browsing, difficulties in having good speed and network stability.

In case you have this type of lights near the router or devices that you are going to connect to the network, it would be advisable to move them away. This way, you will get a better signal and you will have fewer problems browsing the network and obtaining good stability when you connect computers, mobile phones or any device.

Lights that affect the wireless network

These lights could affect more if the signal is already weak. For example, if you are connecting a device very far from the router, you could have limited coverage and this type of device could affect you more. In these cases is when you should take the most measures to avoid problems.

Metal lamps

The first case is metal lamps. Generally, any metal object may affect Wi-Fi. The bigger it is, the worse. Metal is one of those materials that are enemies of wireless networks. You may have cuts and blockages if, for example, you have metal furniture near the router.

Therefore, if there is a metal lamp near the router or any device that you are going to connect to the wireless network, it is best to move it away. Try putting it somewhere else or change the location of the router so that it does not interfere with the signal.

Colorful decorative lights

Yes, you’ve probably heard of this. The colorful lights that are often used Christmas decoration, they can be a problem for your Wi-Fi. They could cause the wireless signal to be weaker and cause problems connecting devices to the network. Although it is not something very notable, we must take it into account.

For this reason, if you are going to put up decorative lights at certain times of the year, it is advisable that you try to locate the router somewhere else. Also, do not place devices that you are going to connect to the wireless network nearby, as they could suffer interference and you would have problems.

How Christmas lights affect Wi-Fi

Bulbs with Wi-Fi

In this case, it is rather the wireless bulb connection. Actually, any device that uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency, could generate interference and affect other devices. The more devices of this type you have at home, the more problems you could have.

Smart light bulbs, which usually have Wi-Fi, could pose a problem for other devices you may have nearby. Again, if the signal is already very weak or there are too many devices connected, this is when you might notice it the most.

In short, there are certain lights that you may have at home that could be affecting your Wi-Fi. It is always a good idea to choose a good location for the router and any device you connect to the network. You can always see the devices connected to Wi-Fi and thus detect problems that may exist.

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