This is Razer’s portable console: OLED screen, 120 Hz and G3x

What can you expect from a portable console already focused on 2022? Well, logically portability, power, battery, good consumption and integration with multiple platforms. Although it does not have a commercial name, the Razer and Qualcomm console points high for the few features that have been revealed, especially the central pillar SoC of the same.

Premium portable console features

As leaked, Qualcomm is going to focus this new chip on exclusive use for gaming, so this implies a leap in certain areas that, effectively, this new chip will have. Snapdragon g3x. First, the console will be equipped with a screen OLED state-of-the-art with HDR and support for 120 Hz, which is a great starting point for sure since the size should be between 8 and 10 inches for your screen.

Another key feature will be the inclusion of a port USB-C and DisplayPort on it, which logically gives a new use to said console. The battery is another of its strengths, since no less than 6000 mAh is advertised, so the efficiency will mark the hours of use.


They could not miss Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 signed by Qualcomm, as well as their sound technology and possibly their webcam to 1080p. We will not go into the form of the console itself, because surely the design will change in its final version as happens in this type of case as it is a development kit. You just have to look at the PS5 to know that they don’t have much to do with it.

Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x


The jewel in the crown is undoubtedly the SoC, which will have the 7 Gen of the brand’s AI-Engine and the 3rd Gen for the Sensing Hub. The benefits of this new Snapdragon G3x are heart-stopping, since according to the company itself it exceeds by a twenty% at the top of the current range being nothing less than a 30% more efficient.

How can that be in a single generation jump? Well, because it will make use of a manufacturing node 4 nm which according to rumors belongs to TSMC. If CPU performance is a huge leap, CPU performance Adreno 4th Gen GPU is not less: + 30% performance and + 25% energy savings.


There are no terms of performance in numbers right now, but it does seem that on Vulkan its performance would go up by about a 60% versus current SoCs. In principle and as leaked, the NDA should fall shortly and be presented as a prototype in not too long, perhaps at CES 2022? It is possible, in any case it seems a serious competitor for other models such as Steam Deck, since it will support Xbox Game Cloud and local streaming even from PC.

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