This is the 13 million peso hovercraft that seeks to unseat cars | VIDEO

ALI Technologies, a recognized Japanese start-up specialized in the construction of drones now he has bet on him personal air transport and launched this Tuesday a hovercraft that promises users to make them fly and leave their car journeys in the past.

The Tokyo-based company put the “XTurismo Limited Edition“, which has a conventional motor and four more batteries, which raise the device and put it on fly about 40 minutes at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

This modern hovercraft costs 77.7 million Japanese yen (680 thousand dollars/13.7 million Mexican pesos) and can only be purchased for now in Japan. During the presentation, it could be seen that it is very similar to a motorcycle with propellers at the top, while the bottom has landing skids for when stopped.

In an interview with Reuters, the CEO of ALI Technologies, Daisuke katano, explained that this new aerial vehicle will undoubtedly represent a new option for those who had only traveled by land or making stops in the sky, “we hope to offer a new method of movement,” he said.

Can I use the artifact to travel around the city?

Katano pointed out that evidently this hovercraft cannot be used on busy roads in Japan, but it can be used on tracks like the one that was presented this October 26 (Fuji Speedway in Oyama); In addition, in the future it is expected that it can also be used by rescue teams to reach hard-to-reach places.

However, Japan is in the midst of a generational shift towards new technologies and the transport sector will not be the exception, so its sights are set on autonomous and electric vehicles.

That is why the company is focused on promoting its hovercraft and other products, which are backed by companies the size of Kawasaki, Mitsubishi electric or Kyocera, for instance; In addition, this Japanese start-up has the endorsement of the Japanese soccer figure Keisuke honda.

With information from Reuters and ALI Technologies


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