This is the best protection on the Internet, and hardly anyone uses it

2FA, the best protection and hardly ever used

We can say that the passwords they are the main barrier to prevent someone from entering our accounts. For example, we can put an access code for Facebook or email and thus prevent anyone from entering. The same to start the computer or any device. But if someone were to steal that password, by whatever method, we would have a problem.

To avoid this that we mentioned, two-step authentication or 2FA arises. It is basically, a second step that we must do to log in to an account. It is usually a code that we receive by SMS, email or through multi-factor applications. It is a way to verify that we really are the legitimate user.

The problem is that many people do not use this option. It is increasingly available in Internet services, such as social networks, email or banking applications. But many users ignore this possibility and simply keep the classic protection: the use of passwords.

This is an error, since we are dispensing with a really important security measure. In the event of a Phishing attack, a keylogger in our system or simply guessing the password, they would not be able to enter without performing that necessary second step.

According to a survey conducted by DCMS, approximately one-third of organizations require two-factor authentication. This means that many users do not opt ​​for this possibility and simply keep the password as it is. In other words, two-thirds of all companies do not apply for any 2FA measures.

Lack of information and complexity

If we ask ourselves why many home users do not use two-factor authentication, we can say that there are two important factors: lack of information and complexity to use it. Actually the two are linked, so we can include it in the same problem.

Many users really don’t know how it works two-step authentication and how it protects them. They don’t know if they need to use it or if it’s something they can do without as it won’t give them real protection. And the truth is that it is one of the best options to protect ourselves on the Internet.

Also, some online services we use can make it difficult to enable 2FA. They do not clearly inform how to do it or it can even become a complicated process for users who are not experienced in cybersecurity and in the use of certain applications.

From RedesZone we recommend you enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible. For example, in bank accounts, in social networks like Facebook, in email… It will undoubtedly be a very interesting option to maintain security and avoid problems in the event of an attack that steals the password. There are services where you should always activate 2FA.

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