Don’t forget your files in the cloud; check this from time to time

Using the cloud is a very interesting option to save content of all kinds and always have it available. It is useful to have Backups from a computer or mobile phone, for example, as well as being able to exchange files between devices or share them with other people more easily. However, a common mistake is not paying too much attention to those files or, more specifically, to that service you are using. Therefore, we are going to explain why it is so important.

Cloud platforms There are many, although not all are the same. We can name some of the best known, such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. You will find different plans, to store more or less content. You may also have more or fewer functions, as well as different security features.

Be careful with files in the cloud

What you should not do is upload files to the cloud and forget about them, thinking that they will be there forever without you having to do anything. Be careful with this, since the objective is not to lose documents at any time. It is essential to carry out some reviews from time to time.

Check that the platform works

Something you should do from time to time is check that the platform is still working. It may happen that an Internet service stops working. It is not rare and it is something that we can see frequently. Now, they will always notify before closing something. They are going to give a margin of time, unless it is a platform with very few guarantees.

What we recommend is that you check that this service works and that it is not scheduled to close soon. Being aware of this will prevent you from losing files and having problems when you need to retrieve a backup that you have stored on the Internet.

Check the settings

You should also check the setting that you have in the cloud, especially the security parameters. For example, make sure those files are properly protected and private. It is a mistake that they are available for anyone to access. Check this carefully in the cloud configuration.

You can also see whether or not you have automatic file upload enabled or certain linking options between devices. You may be interested in whether or not these types of themes are enabled.

Minimum cloud storage

Make sure your copy is up to date

You have the really up to date backup Or, on the contrary, has it been a long time since you uploaded those files and you haven’t uploaded new ones? This is important, since it is of little use to have an obsolete copy in case of a problem and you may lose the files. For example, to protect yourself from ransomware attacks, it is essential to have updated copies and not lose content.

Check that these files correspond to what they should be today. If, for example, you upload travel photos and videos to the cloud, check that they are the last ones you have taken and that you have not forgotten to upload them.

Don’t just trust one service

You shouldn’t rely solely on a cloud service either. Our advice is that you have several backup copies. This will allow you To be covered in case of any problem. We are not only talking about a service stopping working permanently, but also that it may have a specific problem, at the worst moment.

You can use another cloud service to create backups, but also have the option to create it on physical storage. You could use an external drive, a NAS server, etc. That will give you more options in case of problems.

As you can see, it is important that you always review the files you have in the cloud. Do not think that they will always be there, without any problem, since you could lose them. It is key to check that everything works well and that you do not have any complications when you need to access that content.

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