This is the biggest mistake you can make when creating a password

Reuse a password, the biggest mistake possible

Surely on some occasion you have registered on a page, Internet forum, social network or whatever and you have used one password that you already had elsewhere. This is usual for convenience, to be able to remember them better. However, it is the biggest mistake we can make.

What can happen? Let’s think that we are using a password that is very good, that complies with all the essentials, in a social network such as Facebook and also in an Internet forum where we have registered to solve an error with a camera that we have. After a while that forum, which we have not entered again, has a problem and all the user data.

This will mean that a possible attacker who has access to this data will be able to enter our account by using the password and the information that has been leaked. The normal thing is that we have the same email linked as in the Facebook account, which also has the same key. Therefore, that attacker could try to enter the social network with the same password.

As we can see, what is known as Domino effect. Basically a vulnerability or leak appears somewhere, in this case it would be that forum, and it affects other accounts in which we are using the same password.

Therefore, we can say that the biggest possible mistake when creating a password is precisely use the same key on multiple sites at once. And it should be mentioned that it does not matter what it is. It does not matter if it is a social network known as Facebook or Twitter or we talk about any page or forum.

Failed to create a key

Random, unique and complex passwords

So what does a good password have to look like? We have seen that the most serious mistake is to use the same key in several places. Therefore, in order to have truly secure passwords, the first thing to keep in mind is that they must be unique. We have to create one for email, another for Facebook, another for that cloud account we have, etc. So with every record we make.

But also, the key must be totally random. This means that we should avoid putting things like our name, date of birth or any word or digit that can be predicted. In case an attacker tries to steal the key by some method such as breaking it by brute force, the first thing he will use are combinations with this type of words and data.

Beyond those two basic points, the third would be to actually create a key complex. This means that it must contain a little of everything to be strong. What does this mean? Ideally, it should have letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers and also other special symbols that we sometimes forget about them but that will undoubtedly make a password much stronger. There are options like creating strong keys with HashPass.

An example of a really secure password that can protect us would be 3Diu $ -% fH (9W2. As we can see, it is totally random and has a mixture of digits, letters and symbols. Well, the ideal would be to have a password of that type for each of the accounts on the Internet. We can always rely on password managers so as not to forget them.

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