This is the cheapest way to heat a room this winter

When we want to heat a house, one of the most efficient ways to do it is aerothermal energy, but going from natural gas or electricity heating to aerothermal energy is quite expensive in the short term. Pellet boilers are also a very good option, since pellets are currently cheap (although much more expensive than a couple of years ago). Next, natural gas is also one of the cheapest ways to heat a house, as long as you have thermostatic valves on the different radiators. Today in RedesZone we are going to explain what is the cheapest way to heat a single room or stay, through devices that use electricity to generate heat.

Cheap ways to heat a single room

Generally when we go to sleep, we usually deactivate the heating of the whole house so as not to spend so much while we are well covered. However, it is possible that the room may be a little cold, especially if it is very cold outside. In these cases, the most efficient and cheapest way is to only heat the room where you are.

Use the air conditioners in heat mode

This option stands out as the most efficient when it comes to keeping your room at a comfortable temperature. Thanks to the use of a heat pump, air conditioners, whether ducted or split, are capable of heating the room taking advantage of the fact that they have the inverter function, therefore, they are capable of blowing both cold and hot air. .

This equipment is capable of reducing energy consumption by up to 40% compared to other heating models. Of course, this will depend on the type of device and its level of efficiency. If you already have an air conditioner installed in your room, see if it is an inverter and use it to heat your room. Remember to set the target temperature at a maximum of 18ºC or 19ºC at night, not only to save but also to avoid getting hot while you are wrapped up .

Low consumption thermal emitter

If you are looking for something simple and fast, this is your device. Without the need to resort to any type of installation, you just have to have a plug handy and this “portable” radiator starts to work. However, how to choose a portable radiator without involving excessive consumption? Although it implies a higher electricity consumption than an inverter air conditioner, it may be your option if you want to heat a room eventually. This device is suitable if you are going to use it in a small room (maximum 20 m2).

One of the most efficient models is that of the Mellerware brand, it also has Wi-Fi and we can control it from our smartphone easily and quickly. By having a power of 1200W, we will have a consumption of 1.2kWh for each hour that it is on. Taking into account that it can be programmed to turn on and off, and it has integration with Alexa and Google Home, it is a wise purchase.

portable electric heater

Another option similar to that of air conditioning (it blows hot air), is a portable electric heater, in this case, we must make sure that it is not more than 1,500W, the more power the more consumption. We must take into account the size of the room to be heated, in general, to heat a room, a power of about 1500W is sufficient. It is very important that this type of equipment have protection against overheating, to avoid possible fires, in addition, it would also be highly recommended to be able to regulate both the power and its operation.

Another very good option would be a heater that incorporates a Wi-Fi connection and a programmer, so that it turns off when it reaches the set temperature, and also that it turns off when a certain time passes. This Cecotec heater is what you are looking for:

As you can see, we have different ways to heat a single room through electricity, we must take into account that, depending on the power needed and the time it is on, we will have a higher or lower consumption. Of course, if you plan to heat a large room such as a living room, buying a pellet stove would be the right option, but it requires installation with its corresponding smoke outlet, etc.

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