This is the complex assembly process of the LEGO Titanic which measures 135 cm

A boat in the house

As you can see, the dimensions of this spectacular set are truly scary. With a length of 135 centimeters, the construction of the set number # 10294 It could cause serious space problems for more than one user, not only because of the final result, but also because of the construction process, since you will practically need a room to order all the pieces and have enough space to be able to leave the modules on hold that you are building.

The internal structure of the ship does not lack any detail, and it is that you do not believe that you are going to find a hollow and empty block. As you progress through the construction, you will discover the details of the cabins, the large central staircase, the boiler room, the smoking room and the most luxurious cabins in the upper area.

In the channel Solid Bricks Studios They have been able to complete the assembly of this peculiar Titanic, and as you can see, the three sections that make it up have an incredible level of complexity in their design. Who is capable of bringing these types of designs to life?

You only need to float

Most likely, no user will dare to drop it once completed, not to mention that we highly doubt that this heavy body is capable of floating in water. Even so, if it could, it would not miss any detail, since the turbines move the engine pistons and the anchor has the corresponding collection system.

The model has incredible details that do not forget exterior elements such as the promenade decks, the bridge and the pool, in addition to the tension cable that hooks on the masts.

Worthy of exposure

The lower supports will allow you to expose your majestic work in full if you have the necessary space, but you can also show it off in parts thanks to the three sections that form it, being able to show the inside of the boat and thus gain extra space in your home (and not everyone has a private library at home like the one in the official presentation video).

In order to divide it into its three sections, LEGO has designed a peculiar anchoring system that remains hidden and that will allow us to easily divide the ship into three.

How much?

LEGO Titanic

The price of this spectacular set will be 629.99 euros, and will be available from November 1 in the LEGO online store and official stores of the brand. From today you can reserve a unit in your name, so it will be better to make space both at home and in your schedule so that you can finish the construction before the end of the year.

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