With this you can save 40% on your air conditioning this summer

The consumption of air-conditioning it can become a significant part of the electricity bill. It is a device that we can use for many hours, especially in the summer months, and it needs to consume a lot of resources to work. However, something you should know is that not everyone consumes the same. In fact, the difference between one and the other can be more than important. Therefore, in this article we echo what he says iberdrola to save 40% on the electricity bill.

At Iberdrola they attach great importance to the air conditioning model that we use in order to consume less and reduce consumption on the bill. You may be interested in making a change, especially thinking about the months in which you are going to use it the most. Although it is an investment, in the long run you can save money.

efficient air conditioning

As indicated by Iberdrola, we can save up to 40% on the electricity bill when using the air conditioning if we use a model of energy efficiency A. What does this mean? They are the ones that have been classified as having the lowest consumption, most optimized and prepared to work without the need to make a great use of resources.

If you have an old model, from many years ago, the difference compared to a more current one can be very big. It is something that we can see in the case of a refrigerator, an oven, television… Virtually any device, but we notice it more in those that have a higher consumption and air conditioning is a clear example.

But even within the most current models, they can have different ratings in terms of energy efficiency. They are divided from A to G, with A being the most efficient and G the least. If you have one of type B or C, better than one that is E or F. To get to save up to 40%Iberdrola emphasizes the importance of having type A energy efficiency.

These models are the ones that spend less. In some cases, if you have a model that consumes a lot more, buying a new one can be profitable. Logically this will depend on several factors, such as the time you use the air conditioning, if your model is very old or not so old, the price, etc.

Advantages of a smart air conditioner

Control the temperature, something essential

Regardless of the air conditioner you use, the exact model you have, something very important is control the temperature. Correctly marking the temperature at which we want the device to work is essential in order to save on the electricity bill. Every grade counts.

It is estimated that every grade It can mean a 7% increase in consumption. It is not exact, but we can get an idea. You do not need to have a cold house, at 18 or 19 degrees. In fact, you can even avoid having it at 22. In order to save, setting it at 24 degrees is enough to be comfortable and not need more.

The higher the temperature, the lower the consumption. If you can set it to 25 or 26, better than having it at 22 or 23. It will depend on your situation, where you live, the outside temperature, etc. Be that as it may, controlling the temperature of the air conditioning well is going to be key to saving. If you use home automation, you can have greater control. Of course, it is important to have good coverage and sometimes you will have to use Wi-Fi repeaters to have a better signal.

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