This is what Joel and Ellie look like in HBO Max’s The Last of Us series

Film and series producers lately take the least risk. It is not surprising that they are putting so much effort into bringing some of the most successful titles in video game history to the cinema and to streaming platforms. We saw it a few years ago with The Witcherdoes even less with the adaptation of Uncharted to the big screen and now it’s time thelastofus, which is one of the most anticipated series by many fans of the saga. Little by little, details of this new HBO Max production are leaking. The most recent leak is the Joel and Ellie skins.

Filtered images of the filming of The Last of Us from HBO

The television series of The Last of Us filming has already started. This means that it is only a matter of time before the Internet is filled with screenshots of incognito photographers who sneak into the shoots so that we can see exclusive images. Normally, when this happens, it is normal for extremely blurry or shaky photos to reach us, but this was not the case today. On this occasion, the fan account NaughtyDogInfo has published on Twitter a photo captured directly on the set where this new television series is being shot in Calgary, Canada. We knew that the series has been filming in that location for a few weeks, but we had not yet had any images of the actors. Officially, only Joel and Ellie’s backs had been released. Other images did show the characters, but they were blurred to maintain mystery.

— NaughtyDogInfo (@NaughtyDogInfo) March 23, 2022

Now, thanks to this leak, we have a little more clarity about what these two characters will be like. In addition, in the image filtered by NaughtyDogInfo we also see sam and henry. Sam has been recovered from the first part of The Last of Us, although not much is known about this character beyond the fact that he is 13 years old and is from Connecticut. On the other hand, Henry is his older brother and is very protective of him, how could it be otherwise considering the dangers they face on a daily basis. It is not known which two actors will play these two characters, although the casting should be published in a few weeks.

What can be known with this leak?

The Last of Us HBO Series

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and on this occasion, the saying still works correctly. big fans of The Last of Us have already analyzed the image pixel by pixel. According to comments, Bella Ramsey wears Ellie’s winter clothes in the leak, which is the one that appears in the original video game of The Last of Us. This would mean that HBO is most likely adapting the original story of Joel and Ellie, so we could have one very faithful adaptation to the video game that was so successful on PlayStation 3 back in 2013. What is clear is that Pedro Pascual measures up perfectly as Joel, so there won’t be as much controversy as with Pattinson’s Batman or Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake.

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