This is what you save if you use the microwave more

Using the microwave more helps save

On many occasions we can use different appliances for cooking. A clear example is being able to heat something both in the oven and in the microwave. Logically there will be times when it is more convenient to use one or the other. But if we talk about saving energy, the microwave is the most efficient. Going to consume less at the time of heating if we compare it with the oven.

According to a report carried out by the Technological Research Institute of which we echo, using the microwave instead of the oven when possible allows us to save more than €20 per year on the electricity bill. This may be more or less depending on various factors such as the model of the microwave and oven, as well as the number of times we use it.

Therefore, use the microwave whenever possible instead of the oven it helps us pay less on the electricity bill. This will be one more grain of sand within everything we can do to pay less and consume less electricity in our day to day. Small gestures or changes can go a long way.

Now, something that you should keep in mind is that the microwave does not use less light than an oven, but rather makes better use of time. This means that it will work for less time to achieve the same as the oven. Therefore, for the purpose of heating the food, it consumes less in total, although as an appliance on the same time it is not like that.

Light consumption of a microwave

Other tips to save with the microwave

A basic advice to use less electricity when using the microwave is that don’t leave it on standby. Phantom consumption can even represent 10% of the total bill. Things like the microwave clock on will always be part of that phantom consumption. A small gesture like turning it off can always help you save.

It is also important that you calculate well how long do you really need to use it to warm up food, a glass of milk or whatever. That will logically help you reduce consumption and not waste energy. The less time it is on, the better for our pocket.

Yeah defrost food in the microwave, a good idea is to avoid doing that. What you can do is defrost them in the open air, even if it takes longer, or even in the fridge and take advantage of the thermal inertia to save on the electricity bill that way. Since food releases cold when defrosting, the refrigerator takes advantage of this and consumes less energy to cool.

In short, since you see using the microwave instead of the oven whenever you can, it can help you save on your electricity bill. You could also control these devices with a smart plug, although you should avoid having Wi-Fi outages.

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