This manufacturer could unveil a 200 TB SSD this year, this is an absolute record

Nimbus Data is about to smash its own world record for the largest SSD, currently held by the ExaDrive DC and its 100 GB storage capacity. The manufacturer reveals to TechRadar that its successor could be unveiled this year, teasing by the way a 200 GB SSD. This one did not give more information concerning its technical data sheet or its price.

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In March 2018, Nimbus Data unveiled its Exadrive DC, a colossal 100 GB SSD. the world record for storage capacity. By way of comparison, the most generous SSD in storage currently in production is the Seagate Exos of 20 TB, also accompanied by the Seagate IronWolf also of 20 TB. 4 years after the exploit, it is therefore to set the bar even higher.

Indeed, Nimbus Data has been preparing for the next few years now. Corn the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences on the availability of raw materials have, as we know, greatly slowed down the project. But this time it’s the right one. “We are working on a successor to the 100TB SSD that will offer even more capacity, performance and power efficiency than the revolutionary 100TB”reveals Thomas Isakovich, CEO of Nimbus Data to our colleagues at TechRadar.

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A 200 GB SSD will be released by the end of the year

Inevitably, the question of storage capacity is on everyone’s lips. On this point, we can say that Nimbus Data did not do things by halves – it is even, to tell the truth, quite the opposite. Thus, the successor to the Exadrive DC will offer no less than 200 GB of storage. Enough to store all his family photos there. Thomas Isakovich further clarifies that he should be presented officially by the end of the year.

On the other hand, the CEO remains stingy with information concerning the technical data sheet of the SSD, as well as for its price. As a reminder, the Exadrive DC costs a whopping $40,000. We therefore imagine that Nimbus Data could more or less double this price for its successor. If the latter cancels your plans to acquire the SSD, be aware that the latter is not intended for the general public anyway, but rather to data centers who could then replace several of their SSDs with a single model all at once.

Source: TechRadar

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