This Mini PC to play has a totally new graphics card

Many of the pre-built computers that are sold stand out above average due to their industrial design, which is different from the classic ATX tower and its different variants. So they intend to sell for aesthetics rather than performance. Its manufacturers? The same ones that create computer components and complete systems. This allows them to create motherboards tailored to those designs. However, they are not the best option. Of course, they attract attention when they pretend to be a PC to play while cutting benefits to look prettier. Like which Jaguar with a Ford Mondeo engine.

This PC has an unreleased RTX 40

While the networks are filled with opinion columns about the new RTX 4070 Ti, ASUS can’t think of anything else but to present a computer with an RTX 4070. Which would be nothing special if it weren’t for the fact that this is a RTX 4070 unprecedented on desktop. Certain? Well, you just have to see the specifications of this computer, named as Ice Blade Mini-X to see where the trap is.

RTX 40 Unedited computer ASUS

A simple look at its design already makes it clear that it is a PC with a tower form factor, which has dimensions of 28.69 cm in height, 11.5cm wide Y 12.5″ deep. What gives you a volume of 10 liters in total, making it appear to be a fully integrated tower. However, its manufacturer has not been able to avoid the vices that all systems of this type suffer from.

  • On one hand, we have the custom power supply for this systemof which we do not know its power, but we hope that the components do not go to half throttle.
  • On the other it is a liquid cooling system in a blockalso custom.

What does it carry inside?

As for its interior, it is not the classic integrated design, and we do not see laptop components in this case, but a processor Intel Core 13 i9-13900K, which indicates that we are dealing with a desktop computer. If the name of the same had ended in U, P, H or HX then it would mark a laptop. But most surprising is the fact that there is a RTX 4070 insidewhich has not yet been launched on the market.

All this seasoned, with 16 GB of DDR5-4800 memory expandable to 64 GBand that indicates that it has 2 DIMM slots and a 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD However, the generic ends here and then is where we enter the typical vices of systems of this type.

What do we know about your graphics card?

Once we know what the exact model of the RTX 40, unpublished in this computer, we need to know the specifications. So far with the new generation of NVIDIA graphics cards we have seen a pattern, which we are going to place in a table so that you can see the pattern.

Model cores GPUs Maximum GPU configuration
RTX 4090 128 AD102 144
RTX 4080 76 AD103 84
RTX 4070Ti 60 AD104 60

As you can see the models without the Ti suffix will not use the full versions of each of the GPUs with Lovelace architecture. Which means they have fewer active cores. This means that the RTX 4070 could easily be based on the same chip as the 4070 Ti, but with fewer active SM units. Although, obviously, the figure should be above the 48 of the 3070 Ti.

RTX 40 Portable

Although at the moment we do not know its specifications, although from here we would not rule out a cut in the memory bus, from 192 bits to 160 bits and with it a potential configuration of 10 GB. In any case, it would use the same motherboards and cooling systems as the newly launched graphics card and it is very likely that its launch will take place sooner than expected.

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