This new threat puts Android phones in check; protect yourself

Keep in mind that hackers are constantly refining their attack techniques. They can launch specific campaigns to attack a social network, WhatsApp or any platform. They can also simply infect the device to steal general information, passwords and spy.

Predator, a spyware for Android

A group of security researchers from Cisco Talos and Citizen Lab have shown an analysis of the Spyware Predator. It is a threat that has the ability to steal data and information of all kinds. Although they use it especially to spy on high officials, it really is a problem that could affect any user.

But what could Predator spyware do? It has the ability to record phone calls, steal information from messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, as well as hide applications so they don’t run. As you can see, it has a great ability to damage the privacy of the victim.

It also has the ability to detect if it is running on a Samsung, Huawei, Oppo or Xiaomi device. If it matches any of these, you can launch resources for attack directories that contain user data from email, messaging, social networks or browsing applications. It can also obtain the victim’s contact list, as well as trace the video or image files that are stored there.

Another ability he has is to use the certificate poisoning, with which you can install custom certificates and carry out attacks to eavesdrop on encrypted communications. This, especially, can affect high profiles.

According to this report, the Predator malware has been able to run through five zero-day vulnerabilities in Android. These are uncorrected bugs, which in many cases are used by cybercriminals to sneak in malware and steal data.

How to protect your device

Now, what can we do to avoid Predator spyware and any other similar security threat? Mainly, three fundamental pillars must be taken into account: avoiding errors, having the device protected with a good antivirus and updating the system, as well as the applications, always.

Avoid errors It is essential, since in most cases cybercriminals need us to do something. It can be entering a link, downloading a file, filling out a form… Always keep common sense and do not make mistakes that could negatively affect your security on the network.

install a good anti virus is another factor to take into account. This can help you detect malicious software. You could have downloaded a file that is actually malware, for example. A good security program can automatically detect and remove it, so it doesn’t compromise you.

Besides, update device you can fix vulnerabilities and thus prevent them from being exploited by a hacker. Always install the latest versions of the operating system, as well as any application you have installed on your phone. This is essential and you should keep it in mind.

As you can see, this spyware that they have called Predator is one more threat that affects mobile devices. But regardless of whether it is this or another problem, it is key to detect that they are spying on you with your mobile and take measures to prevent this from happening.

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