This new version of LibreOffice fixes 44 bugs: update now

Just a few hours ago, The Document Foundation announced the release of LibreOffice 7.1.6, specifically the Community edition. This is the sixth minor update of version 7.1, a version focused on correcting all kinds of errors and problems to guarantee the best possible performance for all users who bet on it.

What’s new in LibreOffice 7.1.6

On this occasion, The Document Foundation has implemented “only” 44 bug fixes in this version, a very small number if we take into account that some other similar maintenance versions have included more than 100 patches, such as 7.1.3. All these errors are also related to the general operation of the suite and its programs. This time they are not related to compatibility with Office documents.

Specifically, the development of this new version has been divided into 2 Release Candidate. The first RC has included 40 fixes, while the second has only included 4 patches. As of now, LibreOffice 7.1 is more stable than ever, and it is the best option to be able to know everything that an office suite can contribute compared to Office.

Users who already have the office suite installed on their computer will be able to update directly to this new version thanks to the included updater. Those who do not already have the suite, and want to try it, can download this new version from the following link.

Why choose this version and not the new 7.2

In mid-August, The Document Foundation released what is, to date, the most recent version of the suite, LibreOffice 7.2. This is the most advanced version, and it brought with it very interesting new features, such as a search engine and improved compatibility with Office documents. However, this is not the version that the company recommends us to use.

If we look at its website, although it is available to everyone, The Document Foundation will always recommend downloading the previous version, in this case, 7.1.6. This is because this is the most advanced and debugged version, the one that will work the best and that it can have the fewest errors. For now, version 7.2 is only recommended for users who like to experiment with new features and always be up to date. But until at least another 4 updates arrive (that is, until LibreOffice 7.2.4) the company will not start recommending this version for everyone.

The Document Foundation has two different editions. The one that we will always lower ourselves is the Community, recommended for home use and community-based support. In addition, for companies, it has an edition Enterprise, with improved support and on-demand features.

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