This RAM consumes NVIDIA GeForce Experience, is it worth using?

Any hardware component that we install in our computer, for its correct operation, requires some software element. Here we refer to the drivers or controllers that we install in the operating system. All this is extended to the graphics card, as for example happens if we have one from the manufacturer NVIDIA.

In fact, here we are referring to what could possibly be considered the world’s leading PC graphics vendor. But as we told you, in order to get the most out of this component and be able to configure it according to our needs, it is essential to have updated drivers. These are provided to us by the manufacturer itself as new versions of these are released.

For many of the hardware components that we mount on our PC, an operating system with the power of Windows has generic drivers. With everything and with them, most of the times it is preferable to use the original ones from the developer of the product, as is the case with NVIDIA graphics, for example. But on many occasions we have seen that this manufacturer, in addition to the aforementioned drivers and its corresponding control panel, installs another tool by default.

Here we refer to software called NVIDIA GeForce Experience that on certain occasions will be of great help. To give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, we will tell you what this specific tool is for. Once installed, it stays running in the background and takes care of optimize the performance of our applications and games in action. This will help when it comes to optimizing the performance of certain applications that make more or less continuous use of the GPU.

How much RAM does NVIDIA GeForce Experience consume?

On certain occasions, but if we have a somewhat limited or old PC, we could even ask ourselves if this tool is worth it or not. We must bear in mind that, in order to optimize the operation of our applications and games, it is constantly running in the background. This translates into NVIDIA GeForce Experience consumes a certain amount of RAM at all times.

In addition, to all this, we must add the RAM that the tool needs when we put it into operation. This is something we do when configuring the programs detected by it, or to select a game that we want to optimize. In order to help you assess whether it is worth it or not, everything will depend on the RAM that our PC has, we will show you the memory consumption What does this tool do? First of all, we must distinguish between consumption when it is running in the background, or when we run it.

nvidia consumption

In the first case, NVIDIA GeForce Experience launches a series of processes that are constantly running. We can see these through the Windows control panel, for example, and to give you an idea, it is worth mentioning that these processes consume around 75 and 100 megabytes on average. Apart from these mentioned processes, we must add the consumption made by NVIDIA GeForce Experience itself when we run it.

Therefore, to the above, we must add around 250 and 300 megabytes more. In short, what we want to tell you is that the maximum RAM memory consumption of the NVIDIA GeForce Experience tool will rarely exceed half a gigabyte. Without a doubt, in a PC with four gigabytes of RAM, for example, this is a high consumption. But if we have 16 gigabytes, we will hardly notice the operation of the tool that we are talking about.

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