This small change can make your Alexa speaker more protected

Use smart devices, such as having speakers with Alexa, is something that is very present today. It gives us many positive points, but we must also take into account the privacy and security risks they may have. Especially, if we do not make mistakes and do not have them well protected, it could cause us to be exposed. Therefore, it is key to take certain measures and not make mistakes. We are going to tell you a specific case of how you can improve the security of your speaker with Alexa.

The goal is always prevent them from spying on you, which can be obtained with personal data or control the devices. There can always be vulnerabilities or some type of virus. To avoid major problems, and in order to make the work of cybercriminals more difficult, you can make some changes or adjustments.

Put your PIN on your speaker with Alexa

If you have a speaker with Alexa, such as an Amazon Echo, you will have the option to add a PIN. It is a security feature that will help you increase protection. But why is it really useful? You will be able to ensure that no unauthorized person can use Alexa. This may include an attacker.

If someone manages to access your Alexa speaker, they could find private information, make purchases without your permission and, ultimately, put your privacy and security at risk. This is similar to if someone managed to control your browser, your mobile, etc. By having accounts logged in, they could impersonate your identity.

Put a PIN to your speaker with Alexa, it can be very useful to protect everything you have stored or any function you may use. It will protect you, your data, but even third parties. It is something that many overlook, but it really is a security measure that you can apply.

Surely you have a PIN, fingerprint or any other security measure on your mobile. You will also have it on your computer or other devices such as a Tablet. But, in many cases, we forget the security of smart devices, as is the case of a speaker with Alexa.

Protects important functions

Ok, keep in mind that it can be a problem to have to enter a PIN whenever you use a smart speaker with Alexa. But don’t worry, as there is a balance point. You will be able to continue using basic functions, such as asking simple questions, without having to use that PIN.

On the other hand, to perform functions that are more important or that may expose your personal data, it is when you will have to enter the PIN. Basically, it is a code that you will say out loud, when you need to access functions or features that may be locked. Just as you should solve Internet problems with Alexa, security is key.

Therefore, our advice is that you always protect the devices you use in your daily life very well. This can also apply to a speaker with Alexa. If you put a PIN code, you can protect certain functions that may be sensitive. The goal is to keep your data safe and not have problems.

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