This TikTok account racks up millions of followers for smashing things in a mortar

Sometimes the more absurd and simple content It’s the one that goes viral the fastest. Both YouTube and TikTok are full of channels that do not take off despite making very good content at the same time that there are users who capture millions and millions of visits by making quite strange videos. This is the case of @thepestletiktoka user who is dedicated to uploading hundreds of videos in which he passes different products through a mortar.

Yes, gain millions of views with a mortar at home

The Pestle People is a TikTok profile that already adds more than 5 and a half million followers and almost 90 million ‘likes’ on the social network. His account already accumulates hundreds of videos, and in all of them he does exactly the same thing: mix and crush things in a stone mortar. It may seem boring to you and that very few people would be willing to spend the afternoon watching this type of video, but most of the clips that this user uploads to the network have more than half a million views.


Let’s see if I can roll myself out of bed #asmr #usa #india #brazil #satisfying #pestletiktok #promomusic

♬ Poison – Daniel Allan & DLG.

@thepestletiktok dares with practically everything, although most of the products that go through his mortar are trinkets. In less than a minute, almost all of them end up turned into very unappetizing slimy pastes. After seeing a good collection of his videos, we are not sure where his success comes from. The content itself is not too original to say – we will talk about this a little later. His videos can certainly have a certain appeal among people looking for ‘visual ASMR’ style videos, although the sound that accompanies the videos is atrocious and the production is not that brilliant either.


Pour some “sugar” on me😜🤤 #pestletiktok #stickyhand #stickysitiuation #WelcomeBack #SummerMashup #sugarcrash

♬ Know Yourself – Drake

Therefore, we imagine that the appeal of these clips is the curiosity to find out what will happen next. In fact, the contempt with which it treats some products reminds a bit of the mythical youtuber How To Basic, in which it will most likely have been inspired. In case you don’t remember, How To Basic is that user who explains how to make recipes on his YouTube channel in a chaotic way and making it very clear that he doesn’t usually take his medication very often.

The new MrGear?

As we said, these types of videos tend to become very viral in a very short time. One of the most notorious cases was Mr Gear on YouTube, who during 2016 and 2017, filled the platform with videos in which he cut things with his “knife at a thousand degrees”. Each of these videos managed to get up to 100 million views, at the same time that competitors came out from under the stones. Today, MrGear continues to make similar videos, although his popularity has plummeted compared to his golden age.

Another more recent and also very popular case was the hydraulic presses. Quite a few content creators got hold of such a tool to put pressure on different objects and record the effect in slow motion.

Could anyone make these videos?

The moral is clear. If you want to get rich on YouTube or TikTok, you don’t have to make the best content in the world. Simply, you must create videos that generate a little curiosity in the viewer and that can be repeated thousands of times quickly, easily and cheaply.

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