This type of VPN will never guarantee your privacy

Sometimes it is necessary to have a VPN. For example, it is to connect to a public network with guarantees. It is also necessary to avoid geographic blocks that may exist and use certain applications normally or enter web pages. But it is key to use services that are guaranteed.

Free VPNs without information

The most problematic type of VPN, the one that can cause the most security risks, is choosing free services. But not only the fact that it is free, but also those that do not have information. You search the Internet and you do not find reports made by third parties, where they guarantee that this service is reliable.

Basically, on the Internet you will find free and paid VPNs. Within each type, you can find more reliable options and options that are not. This last case is mainly present in the free ones and you will see it clearly when you do not find information about that program, you do not see third-party reports or the evaluations are scarce and negative.

They may have created that program simply to steal your data. They could launch cyber attacks without you realizing it, use that stolen information to sell it to third parties, etc. After all, many free ones can make profits solely through user data.

What you should do is avoid those VPNs that are unknown, about which you cannot find information on the Internet, nor reviews from other users. If you see that there are no reports analyzing their operation and reliability, it is best to avoid installing them. You could be compromising your security.


How to choose a good program

So what should you do to choose a good VPN program? The first thing is to make sure that you are downloading it from official sources. You can go to its official website or use secure application stores, such as Google Play. This already gives you greater security so that you are not downloading a program that is fake.

From there, you should review reports and comments of that VPN. Surely you will find reviews on the Internet that will help you know if it is a reliable program or, on the contrary, it has given problems to other people who have used it before you. For example, apps like Surfshark or NordVPN are good options.

But it is not only security that matters, but also characteristics of that application. We recommend using a VPN that has many servers, since this way you can choose the one that best suits your connection and have fewer problems with speed or signal quality.

In short, choosing a good VPN is essential. Ideally, you should avoid the free ones, which also do not have reports on the Internet where you can see if they are reliable or not. Choosing reliable software is essential to avoid problems. You can even set up a VPN for TV.

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