Those who have tried the Vision Pro say they are the best. And it is just the begining


It is confirmed that what Apple does is the best. She may not be the first to make and show the world new technology, but she certainly does things very well when she does things. You may benefit from the technology and experience of others, but that’s not all. They have a team of designers and engineers who turn what exists to create something new. Virtual reality glasses already exist in other brands but it gives the feeling that the Vision Pro is something new.

Those who have been lucky enough to try the Vision Pro say the same. It is something new and above all of high quality. The feeling is hallucinating for not using another bad-sounding word and above all they agree that it is the beginning of something majestic. Considering that although it is not new in the market, but it seems that Apple has invented everything. It has brought hope to this type of device again.

Those of Apple have thought of everything. First, before using them, it must be configured in detail with an iPhone. Something that in the other models, the initial configuration is not so precise or so methodical. The geometry of the face and ear is scanned to adjust both spatial audio and the part of the helmet that blocks outside light. A curious thing described by those who were at the presentation on Monday, is that when trying it, there are lenses that correct vision defects and it is something that we do not know how it will be in the end. If they will have to be ordered or lenses that correct graduations in general will be sold, as cameras do, for example. What is clear is that they cannot be used with glasses, so those lenses are necessary.

The tests they did went very well and that’s assuming that the models they used will be betas. They worked perfectly, following the user and immediately highlighting icons that could simply be clicked with your eyes. The other part of the body involved in its handling, which is the hand, is detected without problems regardless of where it is or the position it adopts. To write long texts you can use a virtual keyboard, voice recognition or even a real keyboard connected by Bluetooth.

Now, it seems, and they agree on this, that it is the first step. There is a lot to improve, such as battery life and especially the price. But of course it is the first stone of something that it can get very big.

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