Tips for detecting fake products on the Internet

How to avoid buying a fake on the Internet

We can think of many products. For example mobile phones, tablets or any electronic equipment. But we must also bear in mind that we can end in a fake page where they do not directly send us anything or that they even sneak a virus into us. Therefore it is important to verify some points before buying.

See the page URL very well

The first thing we should see is the website address. You have to verify that it really is the legitimate URL. For example, if we enter Amazon, check that the domain really corresponds to that platform. The same with any other online store that we enter.

Sometimes hackers create a page that looks the same or almost the same as a real one. They seek to confuse the victims into thinking that they are in a well-known online store, but in reality they are sending their data or buying something on a fake site, where they will not receive anything or it will be a counterfeit product.

Check payment methods

Also important review payment methods that that website accepts. This can help find out if we are dealing with something that may be unsafe. If we see that they accept payments by card or PayPal, for example, that already gives us some peace of mind.

You have to look for sites where they allow you to pay through methods that have protection. In this way, in case they scam us or send us a product that is not, we will always be able to claim and have a guarantee that we could get the money back.

Analyze the specs

If you are going to buy an electronic product, such as a mobile phone, you have to see very well the specs. Sometimes it is not a scam as such, but they put a very similar device on sale, but with totally different characteristics. So we think it is a super offer, but in reality we are buying something that has nothing to do with it.

Therefore, what we must do is verify that the name of the product is correct and that its specifications are also correct. For example, see the camera, RAM memory or internal memory in a mobile, etc.

Search for references on the Internet

We always have the option of search the Internet about a specific store or a device that we want to buy. In this way we will see the comments of other users who have already bought previously and who can alert of a possible scam or simply say that everything went well.

Today, simply by doing a Google search we can find data and information of all kinds. We have this tool that can help us detect fake products when buying online. It is important to detect threats when shopping online.

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