Tips for NBA 2K21 beginner players

Basketball may not seem to be a difficult sport, although virtual basketball is considered to be rather tough. Therefore, we have prepared a few tips to help you jump at playing NBA 2K21. Even if you play real-life basketball on a daily basis, don’t be too confident in the virtual game. Starting the guide off, first and foremost you need to have a controller. The keyboard is simply a real nuisance in playing NBA 2K21.

What is more, so much as the game itself shows a prompt at the beginning, that the game was made to be played with a gamepad. Of course, you may play on the keyboard instead, but don’t be surprised if you will go badly wrong.

Another matter is that you should take a moment to get familiar with the manipulation of your player. It is useful and advantageous to know how to perform various tricks and gambits. Winning the match might depend on this one-shot that you have skipped in the training mode, which is available at the beginning of the game. Learn how to play the stonewall and how to go on the attack, it will all later transfer into your victories. 

NBA 2K21

Obviously, there is more, for example, in the career mode you shouldn’t focus on yourself only. Here you cannot control other players, so you only play with your character. It is a lot harder because you sometimes are unable to foresee what other players will do. Thus, teamwork is key. Try not to put the pressure on your player being the MVP or a star of the match. Remember that a successful pass is far better than an unsuccessful throw. 

Furthermore, it is advised to make sure that your hardware meets the system requirements. Most important are the issues such as the graphics card, CPU and the amount of disc space. It would be a pity if you bought a game that you couldn’t play on your computer or games console.

Tips for NBA 2K21 beginner players

NBA 2K21 skillmatches tournament

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On a final note, last but not least tip for you: don’t give up. Although it may sound clichéd, it is crucial to believe in yourself and not to let your failures tear you up, remain calm and don’t let the emotions take you over. Try to be patient and forbearing for yourself. One lost match is not the end of the world and you can still win the next matches or event tournaments. In the beginning, it may not be easy, but everything takes time.

Practice makes perfect. I need hardly say that even LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo started from the bottom to make their way up to the top. Don’t hesitate, start your virtual basketball journey with

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