Tips for saving files on the Internet safely

Tips for keeping documents secure in the cloud

It is important that you store sensitive information and documents in places that are secure. Otherwise, they could be exposed on the Internet and the content could be stolen by a possible intruder. Therefore, you must take into account these recommendations and avoid problems that could compromise you.

Use email

An interesting trick for store documents securely is to use email. There we can save PDF files, Word, images, etc. You must bear in mind that the size cannot be very large, so for this type of file it is a good idea if you are looking for security.

Emails are services very safe. As long as you have your account properly protected with a good password and you use secure and up-to-date applications, everything you store here will be protected and you will not have any kind of problem in the form of theft or leaks.

Do not trust any platform

Of course, another essential tip is do not trust any service on-line. You will be able to use a large number of options to store files in the cloud. Many free platforms that allow you to share data with another person, create backups and have everything available.

However, you should know that not all of them are reliable. Therefore, our advice is to use only those that offer guarantees. For example, well-known platforms that have good security features, such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. However, you can use any other as long as you make sure they work properly.

Encrypt the files

If you have doubts, if you are going to upload a folder to the cloud and you want to make sure, a trick that you can take into account is to encrypt those files. You can create a ZIP file and encrypt it with a password, for example. In this way, the person who is going to open it will need to know the password and you will avoid problems in case it ends up in the wrong hands. A very interesting program for this is 7-ZIP. It is free and is used to store documents in ZIP files, divide them, etc. But you can also create a key to be able to access the content and avoid leaks. Also, it is always interesting to encrypt backups in the cloud.

Other very interesting options are to use programs like VeraCrypt, where you can create an encrypted container and copy all the files and folders that you want into it. This program is completely free and will allow us a high level of security, in fact, it is the most recommended program to create encrypted containers and also to completely encrypt our hard drive, either the data or directly from the system.

have your own cloud

One more option that you can consider is to have your own cloud. you can use a NAS server to store everything on your own device and make it available from anywhere. In this way you will avoid having to use third-party platforms that may be insecure and pose a problem.

With this type of device you will be able to have the files available from anywhere, share them with a third party or simply create backup copies. You must make sure that it is correctly updated so that it does not have vulnerabilities and thus avoid problems that affect your privacy.

In short, these are some interesting tips to be able to save files in the cloud with total security. It is important that you avoid using any service that is unreliable and could pose a problem that causes content to be exposed on the network without your knowledge.

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