Today is the deadline for companies to adopt a complaints channel

Nordic company, Whistleblower Software, has found that while 75% of companies adopt a whistleblowing channel to comply with the law, according to their internal data, as many as 5 in 8 companies (63%) do so for reasons other than simple compliance.

In Spain, the recent law known as the Whistleblowing Law establishes that today, June 13, is the deadline for companies with 250 or more employees to have a complaints channel. The entities of the public sector (except town halls with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants), political parties, trade unions, business organizations and foundations that receive or manage public funds. settle down fines of between 1,001 euros and one million euros for those who fail to comply with the regulations.

However, in the rest of Europe and the world, where these types of regulations have been in force for some time, mandatory compliance with the regulations and possible fines They are not the only motivations for companies to have this type of of reporting platforms. According to internal data from Whistleblower Software, which today provides service to more than 3 million employees in 80 countries, the main reasons for companies to go beyond legislative compliance in each country are:

  1. Intention to create an open culture in the company, and boost the morale and retention of employees.
  2. Use whistleblowing to keep the company running effectively, obtaining information that would otherwise be hidden from senior management.
  3. Reporting irregularities was part of the companies’ internal code of conduct, but before they only had email or telephone lines.
  4. Due to the collaboration requirements between clients with a strict compliance policy.

«The Whistleblowing Law obliges Spanish companies to set up a complaints channel. But what many do not know is that it is the companies themselves that want to implement it, beyond the legal requirements, either through the internal code of conduct or at the request of customers. The whistleblower market has become a very clear purpose for entities, which sets aside the legal implications to become good corporate practice.” it states alvaro whitecountry manager of Whistleblower Software in Spain.

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