Together for AMD: the Core 13 and the RTX 40 will be launched in the same month

Intel is serious and NVIDIA may be even more so. It seems that for whatever reason, which is probably higher performance, both companies want to go for AMD and for the first time in history they could debut their new flagship products in the same month. In addition, there are new leaks of the CPU Raptor Lake and its performance, where the figures are more than promising. This will be the approximate month and date where the Core 13 and RTX 40 will hit the market.

Intel has already seen the ears of the wolf and is almost devoured, NVIDIA, as the saying goes, “when you see your neighbor’s beard cut, put yours to soak”, is putting great pressure on the industry to arrive before than AMD. Why is this happening? What are the causes of presentations in the month of September?

Zen 4 and RDNA 3 vs Core 13 vs RTX 40: dates

If there is something to admire about the market that we are going to see, it is that nobody is going to keep anything. Consumption has been left aside, offering in exchange a greater variety of products with the premise that “if you buy it, it is because you can refrigerate it”, which is almost absurd when we reach monstrous figures.

But it is the price for the excessive and limiting performance that all companies will present, including Intel and its cores. Gracemont low comsumption.


We do not have data from NVIDIA beyond the date revealed by a leaker: September, but Intel would also arrive with Raptor Lake in that month to cannibalize sales as quickly as possible. That is, the RTX 40 and the Core 13 will arrive on the same date and at the same time, yes, without overlapping.

And AMD? She tried to be faster by squeezing TSMC, but it doesn’t seem to have succeeded. Zen 4 and RDNA 3 They could arrive by the end of the year on an undisclosed date, but other rumors say the opposite: the two architectures are very close. This seems strange considering that the new RX 6050 XT and 5800X3D are not on the market and it would be killing a product too quickly without even giving it a sales margin.

Superior performance of “up to” double digits

The numbers of the RTX 40 are pure and speculative estimates (+70% on average), but Intel was a little clearer with Raptor Lake after its short demo: double-digit improvements. Logically, the detail is the used and recurring preposition of «until», but today we have a leak that brings more light, so take some salt and let’s get down to business.

We will start with performance, since the improvement is estimated to be between 8% and 15% in Single Thread, while in Multi Thread we talk about +30% and +40%.


Logically, these latest data are due to the greater number of cores and total threads, so we will stay with the first ones since in total and from Zen 3 AMD would have to reduce between 22% and 30% the distance that Intel would get in this section.

Apart from this, the red team will have to fight against the fact that they do not have efficient cores (at least in theory and according to what has been leaked), so they will have to compete with P-Cores exclusively and now the focus is on getting the better performance with the best efficiency, since in gaming there is currently an excess of Cores and threads and that is why Intel does not increase the number of them and does in the E-Cores. In exchange, it will increase the frequency of your P-Cores to scale in gaming along with other key features like the module AI M.2.

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