Top 10 Free Apps to Help You Focus on Your Work in 2022

Most people suffer from procrastination, and sometimes they are ready to chat with friends, gamble at Casino National, or go to a gym instead of completing their duties. To get everything done before the deadline, download these apps.

Focus To-Do

The app is based on a simple Pomodoro technique: 25 minutes of work are followed by 5 minutes of rest, and after four such cycles you can rest longer – 15 minutes. It’s believed that it’s easier to concentrate and less fatiguing. Besides, Focus To-Do has a task manager with a habit tracker and reminders, reports and statistics on completed projects and eaten tomatoes. To improve attention, you can turn on white noise such as the ticking of clocks, the sound of rain or the rustle of book pages in the library.


You can use a habit tracker to keep track of work assignments, interval sports, how much water you drink, etc. The more structured your life is, the easier it is to focus. And our brain also loves accomplished tasks – if you click a checkmark in the app, your productivity increases.


Flora is the free counterpart of the well-known Forest app. Both apps work in about the same way: you start a timer and a beautiful tree starts to grow on the screen. If you decide to get distracted – for example, to look at the likes on Instagram – the tree in Flora or Forest will die. It’s brutal, so apps really get rid of phone addiction. At least while the tree is growing.


In Cleverest, you have to set a timer during which you won’t touch your phone. All this time you will feed your avatar, which will become more and more satisfying. Successful missions will be reflected in the statistics. Unlike previous “tomato” timers, Cleverest helps not only to work, but also to rest: among the reasons for temporarily leaving your smartphone in the app are, for example, Relax and Social.

Mars Craft

It’s another gamification of the Pomodoro system. By completing tasks, you can build buildings on Mars – an entire colony. But if you leave the app while the timer is ticking, the alien home will be destroyed.

You can stage battles and compete with friends to build their colonies. Whoever erected more buildings during the day wins.


The app turns the execution of work goals and tasks into an entertaining game. You need to make a to-do list and then methodically cross out the completed tasks – so you pass the game missions and “pump up” your level. It comes with equipment, pets, quests, and monster-fighting.


This is a silent warden that will monitor and record which applications you spend the most time in, how often you take your smartphone in your hands and watch the alerts, on what days and hours you literally do not get away from the screen. Conscience will be your main motivator to put your phone away and finally get to work.


It’s an app for the most undisciplined. You can use it to block your access to entertainment. It works like this: you set the time during which you do not want to use your smartphone, and Flipd locks the screen. Asking won’t help, only rebooting the smartphone if you really need to.

Brain FM

It’s an app with background music that helps you focus. Brain FM developers claim that their music is developed with the help of artificial intelligence, and you will be able to fully focus on the task after 15 minutes of listening.

Sleep Town

This app will help you work better in the long run – thanks to a healthy night’s sleep. In Sleep Town, you have to set goals: for example, go to bed at 11 p.m. every day and get up at 7 a.m. Before you go to sleep, you turn on the app, and it starts to build beautiful houses. If you close SleepTown at this time, the buildings collapse. To build a large city, you need to observe the sleep schedule, so hanging out on social networks in bed is no longer possible.

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