Tor Browser Jumps on the Apple Silicon Bandwagon


It is strange to see how there are still some “popular” applications among Mac users who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon. Apple Silicon. One of them was the famous Tor browser, which is finally going to be updated this week to a new version that will run natively on new Macs with ARM architecture.

So when the update is released next week, the well-known privacy-loving Tor browser will run natively on both Intel-based Macs and newer Apple-based Macs. It was time.

Most Mac users tend to use multiple browsers to access and work on the web. First, because they are all free, and that allows us to have several of them installed on our computers without any cost to us.

And second, although it seems that they are all the same and serve the same purpose, they usually have some specific characteristic that makes them Different from each other and that makes you have to use one or the other at certain times.

Navigate without being watched

One of them is Tor, a somewhat “special” browser. Tor is an open source application, based on the popular Firefox browser, but modified so that it allows you to access any website completely anonymously, without any type of control or censorship.

My fiber operator is Movistar, and there are certain websites that the operator does not like, and they block my access to them. Well, thanks to Tor, I can bypass said Movistar blockade and access them without problem.

Well, its developer has just announced that next week it will launch the new version Tor Browser 12.0adding some significant improvements to the current version.

The most important is undoubtedly that Tor Browser 12.0 will already be a universal application. That means it will run directly on both processor-based Macs Intel (x86-64) as in the new Apple Silicon with Apple’s own processors (ARM64).

If you were not familiar with this browser and want to try it, you can download it from its official website. Be careful if you install it from other websites, since they run versions that they are not the authentic ones Tor Browser.

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