Toshiba DT02, new 2TB HDD and good performance with SMR technology

Hard drives still have an important presence both in the general consumer sector and in the professional market. Toshiba knows this, and that is why it has expanded its catalog of HDD solutions with the DT02 model, a 2 TB solution that uses the SMR technologyand is designed to offer a high level of performance and reliability.

The SMR technology, an acronym for Shingled Magnetic Recording in English, used by the Toshiba DT02 allows the overlay data recording, which improves the use of the space offered by each disk of the storage unit, thereby increasing the density of the area and increasing the number of bits written in different areas of the hard disk.

Thanks to this technology costs can be significantly reduced, and this translates into cheaper hard drives. However, as it is a technology that overlays data, there is a greater risk of problems arising if very intense write cycles are carried out, which means that this type of drive is not recommended for use in RAID configurations or in data centers. .

Toshiba is fully aware of this, and that is why it presents the DT02 as a 2TB drive that is intended for professionals, SMEs and home users who need a good level of performance and high reliability without having to make a large investment. . This model is capable of working at a speed of 7,200 RPM, has 256 MB of cache and is capable of reaching a transfer speed of up to 210MB/s.

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According to the manufacturer this hard drive has a service life (MTBF) of 600,000 hours. Its energy consumption is only 2.92 watts, and it is emerging as an economical but interesting solution for office equipment that needs good performance and high storage capacity at a low cost. The first units will begin to arrive on the market in the coming days.

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