SEGA follows in the footsteps of Nintendo and raises salaries in the midst of a crisis

Nintendo confirmed a little over a week ago that it was going to raise the wages of its workers in Japan, a movement that seems to have inspired SEGA, since the Japanese company has decided to follow in the footsteps of the big N and has ensured that will raise the salary of its workers by 15% (on average).

That salary increase has not been random, and the truth is that has a very clear and easy to understand motivationbut at the same time it is still curious that these giants are raising the wages of their workers when other greats in the technological world They are downsizing.

There is a very marked contrast in both extremes, but SEGA is clear about it, it plans to raise the salary of its employees by 15% on average, a rise that will take effect as of July 1 of this year, and that in some cases will represent a rise of up to 35%. Thus, for example, the base floor of university graduates will go from 1,632 dollars to 2,225 dollars, figures that are equivalent to 1,536 and 2,094 euros, respectively.

The purchasing power gain What SEGA workers are going to have thanks to this salary increase is important, and this will not only allow them to face the rising inflation, but will also have a positive effect on the Japanese economy. According to the Japanese company, they have prepared a set of measures at the company level that will allow them to stabilize this increase in salaries without any problem.

This increase in salaries has a double motivation, as you may have imagined. The first is retain talent and encourage its entry in the company, and the second is to respond to the request of the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, who openly sent a message to Japanese companies: raise the salary for counteract the problem of inflation.

Inflation can become a serious problem for family economies, since the prices of basic goods (of first necessity) rise to such a high level that sink the purchasing power of households. Without an increase in wages, the stress that families must endure can become unsustainable, because in the end it is not about working to survive, but about working to live with a minimum of dignity.

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