Tricks to keep your house cool at night and save light

The objective is make the temperature more comfortablewithout consuming much energy. Sometimes, simply by carrying out a few simple steps we can name this mission. You will see that perhaps you make certain mistakes that cause the house to have a higher temperature or that you consume more electricity.

Keep the right temperature

If you have the windows and doors open during the day, that will cause the house to have a higher temperature. When night comes and you go to sleep, you will find a room at those 30 or 32 degrees that we have mentioned. That will cause you to have to put on the air conditioning or turn it on at a higher power. But you can avoid it.

Lower the blinds during the day

The first tip is insulate the house correctly. Ideally, lower the blinds and close the windows during the day. You will avoid, as far as possible, the temperature inside. You can always ventilate the house at times when the temperature drops, so you should not worry about that.

Blinds are especially useful if you have windows where direct sunlight enters. This can cause a room to accumulate a lot of heat, so lowering them at those times when the sun is full can help you maintain the temperature better and not rise so much at night.

If the temperature is cool outside, ventilate

Of course, if the temperature at night is cool, if it has dropped a lot compared to the day, what better than ventilate the room. You can open the windows, as many as you can, and let in fresh air from outside. You will see that in a short time you can lower the temperature of the house a couple of degrees or more, as long as it is really cool outside.

When the temperature outside is higher than what it is inside, it is not convenient to ventilate. Basically what you are going to achieve is that it equalizes and your house rises a few degrees. But if the temperature outside is cooler, it is clearly a good idea to ventilate and lower those degrees that will allow you to sleep better at night. You can even leave the window open.

Avoid mistakes when ventilating the house

Beware of appliances that generate heat

One more piece of advice is to be careful with the home appliances What do you use and how do you do it? There are devices that can increase the temperature of a room by 1 or 2 degrees, if it is small. You still don’t need to turn on a robot vacuum cleaner at night, before going to sleep, when what you want is to lower the temperature, for example.

Control any appliance or device that you are going to turn on at home and keep in mind that it can increase the temperature. You can plan to use them at certain times when you don’t care if the temperature rises or before ventilating the house.

Use the air correctly

Of course, a clear way to keep the house cool at night is to use the air conditioning. Now, our advice is to do it correctly. It is a device that will consume a lot of electricity, especially until it reaches the desired temperature. Therefore, it should be used properly.

What you should do is turn it on for as long as it is essential, but never turn it on and off continuously, since that spends more. At night, in addition, you can raise the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. Although there is no exact temperature, about 24-26 degrees It is the most suitable for saving energy at night. you can use the night mode to spend less, since it will work at lower power.

In short, as you can see, these are some tips that you can put into practice so that the temperature in your house is cooler at night. The goal is to save electricity and not have to spend as much energy to lower a few degrees. If you use home automation, you could even connect two routers to improve Wi-Fi.

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