Truth or myth: do antivirus companies create viruses?

One of the great dangers that we face in our daily work with our computer are the viruses that can infect it. We can find all kinds of malicious code, including viruses. But precisely for this fight it is recommended that we have some security software installed such as a antivirus.

These programs have now become almost indispensable on most devices. They can belong to many Security companies who develop their projects to make them available to us and protect our equipment. You already know that we can make use of a multitude of developers and security firms that propose their own projects. With everything and with it for years there has been a rumor that certain companies that develop these antivirus are responsible for creating some of the viruses they can attack us.

All this is something that has been talked about for many years, but we do not know if it is a reality or more a myth. It is true that there are many rumors that have been surrounding this fact for a long time. Hence, some experts and even companies responsible for launching these antiviruses have given compelling reasons to justify the impossibility for these firms to launch malicious code. That is why we will now give you some keys why it is very unlikely that these security signatures are the ones that create the viruses themselves.

Reasons why antivirus companies are innocent

Over time, many firms related to security issues have denied their involvement in the creation of these malicious codes. The reasons that have been exposed are many and quite explanatory. They comment that claims that antivirus developers create viruses is nothing more than an urban legend and myth.

From the outset, they argue that there are already enough independent users and malicious companies that are responsible for creating malware. In addition, a developer firm antivirus could not protect itself from a certain virus before it was released without raising suspicion. Therefore, this malicious entry code would infect computers protected by its own product.

To all this, we must add that the source code which is part of a virus reviewed by security experts when it comes out. Thus, this analysis could trace its origin to the antivirus company that supposedly created it, which would result in a serious problem. That security company could be held responsible for creating the virus and, in addition to users’ disagreement, would be exposed to a multitude of lawsuits.

It was approximately 1988 when these rumors began to emerge. Many users and companies began to think that the firms responsible for antivirus could create malicious code. However, since then there has been no no proof of a security company creating a virus. Keep in mind that new types of malware appear daily. Therefore, a traditionally security-focused company cannot take risks to release a virus and make it profitable.

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