Twitch will tell you why they banned you more clearly

Twitch will give more details to streamers when they ban their content

When you dedicate yourself to creating content for an online platform, whatever it may be, there is nothing more frustrating than publishing it and seeing how out of the blue it is prohibited or directly comes to you some kind of notice alerting you that you are not complying with the rules without really tell you which one or which of them.

Well, this is what happened to Twitch until now. The streaming platform will have many good things, but also some that managed to quickly reduce the spirits of its creators when they banned their content without giving many explanations. Simply a notification would arrive and voila, to try to make memory to know what or what could have been the cause of it.

Well, so that you do not have to go around trying to find out without much data where the error could be, from now on the company will notify of the bans that it applies along with a series of data that will give more information about the causes that motivated it. .

As they have published on Twitter to explain this novelty, now when a ban notification is received, a series of Additional Information where the following data will be given:

  • Name of the content that caused the ban. So you will know exactly what is the cause
  • Also the date of its publication. Although with the name you will already be clear what it is, it can always be interesting in case you do not remember them all and want to know if it is something recent or past
  • Reasons. Here it will be something very vague, but it may give you certain clues
  • Ban duration

Without being a perfect solution, because the reasons that could help the most gives only a very generic description of the reasons that caused the ban, at least it is a good step that gives a little more light and detail to the bans.

So if you create content and you don’t have a very bad memory, you will be able to more or less identify what the problems really were. Although the ideal would be that since they review that exact point that causes the ban, it should also be commented. Unless they are things detected by algorithms such as copyrighted songs or videos for which there is also no permission to broadcast in live events or not.

How to claim a suspension on Twitch

With this new change, if you are starting to create content on Twitch, it is important that you take into account the measures that apply to a Twitch account when analyzing its content. If they are met, there will be no problems and if they ban or veto a channel it will be because of something foreign to its creator or even by mistake.

If you think you have been suspended for no apparent reason, you can always claim the suspension. For this you will only have to do the following:

  • Login to Twitch
  • Within the drop-down menu select Login / Account Issues> Suspension
  • Indicate the reasons why you think it is not applicable and send them
  • The Twitch team will analyze them and send the timely response

However, as with other platforms, do not get too illusions that a claim will go ahead and remove the sanction. But trying nothing happens.

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