Twitter Expands Downvote Test Worldwide

Following in the footsteps of YouTube, Twitter began testing the addition of a new functionality some time ago with which its users could not only reward others’ posts with “likes” or “likes”, but also express their disapproval through a new reaction as “I don’t like” or “downgrade”.

However, this feature has now taken a step forward from its first experimental start last year, with the company now teasing that it will start to be available from today, although still in test mode, for the total global audience. Similarly, while initially this feature was exclusively available to users of the web browser version, Twitter says it will soon too. will extend the feature to iOS and Android users.

Thus, it is worth noting that the operation of this new negative reaction will not be exactly the same as that of other social networks such as Reddit, since the count of these downvotes will not be balanced with the likes; keeping in fact a greater relationship with the new YouTube model, keeping the count of them always private.

In fact, it will not even be a way of “punishing” or expressing our disapproval for the users who have posted these messages, but rather, at least for the moment, it will be exclusively intended for Twitter itself to be able to use them as a scale to modify the personal feed of the users.

Although it seems that it is not an exclusive thought of the company. And it is that Twitter has assured that the results of the first test show that “this experiment revealed that the negative vote is the most used way by people to mark the content they do not want to see”, marking mostly content that they found offensive or irrelevant. For its part, Twitter ensures that the implantation of these negative votes «improves the quality of conversations on Twitter«, suggesting that the feature could eventually become a permanent addition.

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