Twitter is almost ready with its new account verification program

The situation of Twitter It has become a pitiful sight since Elon Musk has become the owner and outright owner of the company behind the popular social media network. microbloggingwith a rather grotesque episode around verification and advertisers walking away for obvious reasons.

The image that Twitter is giving in recent weeks leaves a lot to be desired, so Elon Musk, unless he wants to sink the ship on purpose, must make a move to improve in that facet. In order to offer better information to users, the billionaire has announced that next week he will launch new multicolor verifications to facilitate the identification of companies, government organizations and individuals.

More to the point, Twitter will deploy a gold verification for companies, a gray one for government organizations and a blue one for individuals, famous or not. Individuals can have a small secondary logo showing they belong to an organization if verified by that organization.

The new gold and gray verifications aim to correct the absurdity of impersonations seen more than three weeks ago, and that is that, with the blue verification at eight dollars, many people began to impersonate companies and celebrities. Of course, the blue verification, the one that individual people have inherited from the old system and those who have obtained it by paying the eight dollars a month for Twitter Blue, will continue to work the same or similar.

The revamped Twitter Blue program aims to go live on November 29, 2022 (the day after tomorrow). The original verification plan had to be put on hold due to the high number of impersonations and possibly one of the reasons why advertisers are moving away from Twitter. What is surprising is that no one has yet sued the company for putting such a monstrosity into operation a few weeks ago.

We’ll see how the revamped Twitter Blue fares, which, if it leads again to another impersonation monstrosity, may end up leaving the social network microblogging very touched

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