This TikTok User Succeeds Showing Off His Smart Home

Arrive and kiss the saint. Brett Turner started uploading short videos to TikTok just a few days ago, but he’s already a viral phenomenon and has thousands of followers. Your secret? The tiny apartment she lives in, which has been converted to be used as a smart House maximizing the capabilities of your Apple HomePod Mini.

Could Siri really do that?

TikTok users have long had a fascination with each other’s homes. For example, at the end of last year, Alex Webber’s videos became very popular. The TikToker showed how ridiculously small the apartment he lived in in New York was. Shortly after, Webber has become a fairly well-known user within the social network.

In Turner’s case, his apartment is small, only a square foot. 46 square meters. However, the videos of him deal with the home automation which has been built to make your stay more comfortable. In his first video—which went viral—Brett Turner showed how he managed to get a coffee in the mornings only giving a voice command to Siri. And not only that. He also explained that she has a routine assigned to a sensor that she has in her room. In this way, every time she sounds her alarm, the coffee maker preheats so that she can serve her coffee a few minutes later.

Leveraging the capabilities of HomeKit

Turner uses a coffee pot Nespresso high-end, but apparently does not have home automation features. For that very reason, the TikTok newcomer was peppered with questions. As he explained shortly after in another short video, he created the automation of himself with the coffee maker thanks to home bridgewhich is a system that allows you to expand the capabilities of Apple HomeKit and that we have talked about in El Output on several occasions to be able to create your own ecosystem at home.


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Also, Brett Turner’s Nespresso has been modified with a couple of sensors to detect when the machine runs out of water. In the videos, Turner only shows how an American coffee is made, but as he later said, he created different commands to make other preparations automatically as well.

Looking for ideas for your smart home? Don’t lose track

From there, Brett Turner has dedicated himself to gradually showing his small smart home, and it looks like he has content for a while. Shortly after, the TikToker showed the operation of its automatic blinds. His audience, fascinated, asked him to make a complete tour of his house. Turner agreed, and now we know how a device as small as a smart speaker can simplify tasks in a small apartment.


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♬ original sound – Brett ⍩

Turner already has more than 22 thousand followers, and has started a few video series, so it is expected that, in the coming weeks, he will explain step by step how he performs other automations in your small connected home. He also says that he is working for landing on youtube soon, so we will have to keep track of it to get ideas.

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