Twitter rival attracts 10 million users just 7 hours after launch

Threads, Meta’s new social network, has opened its doors, and visitors are flocking there in huge numbers. Meta can rejoice, its hold on social networks is getting stronger and stronger.

app threads

The launch of Threads, the new social network of the American giant Meta, made the front page of the specialized press. While the rival platform, Twitter, steeped in controversy, Mark Zuckerberg’s real-time online chat app welcomes its first members, and there are already plenty of them. Agence France Presse thus affirms that the social network “continues its start with a bang with more than 10 million users in its first hours “.

Unlike Mastodon, an unacknowledged clone of Elon Musk’s social network, Threads is not a decentralized application, and it is not the initiative of small independent developers. It is Meta, a member of the very exclusive GAFAM club, who is behind this project. Everything has therefore been done to make the launch a success. And it pays off, because from the first hour, 5 million visitors rushed on the new social network. Eight hours after its inauguration, the figure has doubled. Mark Zuckerberg and his leaders can rub their hands, Meta’s stock price has already jumped nearly 3%.

Threads just opened, but it’s already incredibly crowded

These figures are truly impressive, but they obviously owe nothing to chance. To connect to Threads, it is possible to use classic identifiers, email and password, or to use your Instagram account. This platform counts more than 2 billion users for who connecting to Threads will only take a second and a click. Best of all, accounts followed on Instagram will automatically be followed on Threads. Users will therefore remain on familiar ground.

Knowing this, we can say that Threads visitor numbers are expected to increase exponentially in the coming days. The success of Threads is a real existential danger for Twitter, which risks losing a lot of feathers (or subscribers, it depends) with this launch.

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