Under Windows 11, the Paint software is finally getting a makeover

This is what the Paint software will look like in Windows 11.

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11, was made official in June 2021. Its beta version is already available. The OS has a few striking new features, particularly in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics. Among these little things that have been visually redesigned is an iconic Windows software: Paint.

So much loved and so mocked both for its simplicity, this small “first-party” software includes the most basic functions of editing images and drawing. It is clearly not Photoshop, but it has the merit of being able to troubleshoot, and to offer a free solution requiring no new downloads. With Windows 11, it gets a makeover. Such a change had not happened for a decade (and again, the version of Windows 8, in 2012, still looks a lot like that of Windows 7).

A new interface

It is Panos Panay, product manager at Microsoft, who released a teaser of the new version under Windows 11.

The first observation is immediate: this new version has a dark mode, and the interface has clearly been modernized to be more pleasant, less artisanal. In fact, the functionalities have also evolved a little in their ergonomics. A notable improvement is that of “brushes”, ie brushes, with a wider range offered in a style closer to that found in more advanced drawing software. The same goes for the color palette.

The work area has been redesigned. No more white frame located at the top left of the software, lost next to a gray space taking up space for nothing. It is now centrally located, which should a priori offer better comfort.

Paint under Windows 11. // Source: Microsoft

It is certain that this new interface will not be able to stand up to Photoshop or other advanced and professional software. That said, maybe it will be more pleasant, and easier to use Paint when needed without having to pay a dime, for everyday creations or for getting started with drawing software, for example. .

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