Use your home printer remotely from any other PC

Thanks to the work we carry out in the cloud print solutions, at the moment we can almost work on any computer in the world with our own data. This is because many of these, in addition to applications that we use constantly, are stored on remote servers. Therefore, it is enough that we connect to all this through our access credentials, we start working. The only thing we are going to need here is a web browser and an internet connection that is as powerful as possible.

In this way we can work with office suites and their corresponding programs, visit all kinds of online platforms or websites, etc. As we tell you, this is something that today we can carry out from any PC or even from a mobile device to continue with the work in the place where we left it in the last session. But in this case we want to focus on the way in which we can interact with our printer remotely. With this what we want to tell you is that for example if we are browsing or simply using an online text editor, we will have the possibility of sending those documents that we have on screen to our home printer.

What is Google Print Cloud

To give us an idea, one of the services that has helped us the most in this type of task that we discussed, was Google Print Cloud. As you can imagine, this is one of the many services that the search giant offers us and it focused precisely on this. It may not be a platform as well known as others that Google itself offers us. However, in certain circumstances such as the ones we are looking for in these lines, it is of great help.

Specifically, here we talk about a signature technology that actually allows us to print documents on a printer connected to our PC via Internet. To benefit from all this that we tell you, all we do is configure a printer compatible with the remote printing service. In this way from that moment on we will be able to access that printer regardless of our location. To all this we can add that we will also have the possibility of sharing it with other users to do the same.

However, the firm ended this service at the end of 2020, so the regulars of this platform have had to look for other similar alternatives. That is precisely what we want to talk about in these same lines, about other services that can replace the Google comment to use our printer remotely.

Alternatives to Google Print Cloud for printing online

As we told you before, there are many users who have been forced to find an alternative to this printing service that we tell you about. We must not forget that just as we have the possibility of working in the cloud with all kinds of platforms, interacting with our printer can be very useful for us. But of course, for this it is essential that we have a software solution that makes us an intermediary.

Once the search giant ended its draft of this type, other developers went or simply improved their existing platform.


First of all, we are going to talk about this interesting application that allows us to work with a printer remotely via Internet. In this way we can use our own from any other computer on the globe. But that’s not all, but this same utility will also allow us to use the printer of a friend or relative online in the event that we do not have one of our own.

We also find an extremely simple user interface that will greatly facilitate these tasks that we are commenting on. In fact, to configure the corresponding network parameters, it is not necessary that we have advanced knowledge, far from it. You can try all this first-hand from this link.

Mobility Print

On the other hand we find this other interesting proposal called Mobility Print. Specifically, we refer to a totally free application that has been specially developed for the remote printing of documents of all kinds. In addition, it is software that we can install and operate without any problem on devices based on Windows, although it is also compatible with mobile devices Android.

Mobility Print

One of the advantages offered by this alternative is that it offers us a secure printing process over the internet. All of this is achieved thanks to the encrypted P2P connection that you use to send documents online. It should also be mentioned that its initial configuration is very simple, suitable for any user. We can download the platform to install it on Windows from here.


As with cloud storage platforms, web applications, or online tools, printing through the Internet also continues to grow. Now we will talk about another service of this type that serves as an alternative to the defunct Google Print Cloud. Of course, say that this proposal for the print management remote is paid.

The application presents a fairly simple web interface for everyone to use. That way we can connect to the platform from any browser and it is also compatible with all types of operating systems. Here we can include Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, or iOS and Android mobile systems. At this point, it should be mentioned that this printing service is especially focused on more corporate or education-related types of use. You have the possibility of accessing the platform from this link.

ThinPrint Cloud Printer

However, in the event that we do not want to pay a single euro, we can choose to use this other proposal. We tell you this because here we find a free application that allows us print your own documents on any remote printer. It is also worth knowing that this alternative we are talking about is compatible with both mobile and desktop operating systems. At the same time, it is very unlikely that we have compatibility problems with printers, whatever we have.

ThinPrint Cloud Printer

At the same time we must bear in mind that we can use it for printers that we have available in our Wi-Fi network. But if we want to use a device of this type through the cloud, this same platform allows us to download software that acts as a connector for Windows or macOS. You can take advantage of all this that we tell you from this link.

This is the most interesting option to print remotely

As we have seen in these same lines we have at our disposal some applications and services available to print remotely. We have both free and paid proposals, in addition to some focused on the end user, and others towards a more corporate use. Considering that until just a few months ago Google Print Cloud was perhaps the most popular and used, now many users have had to look to other alternatives.

Well, if we want to make a special mention of one of the platforms discussed, we will do it with Mobility Print. The reasons for this are several, on the one hand, that it is a free and valid platform for all types of users. In addition, it is compatible with a good part of current operating systems, including mobile phones. To all this we must add that we do not need to have expert knowledge to configure and use our online printers.

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