Using a poor quality or damaged cable could destroy your computer

Most people believe that cables, whatever their use, are simply an instrument to connect two things, be it to charge a device, to transmit an image from one to the other, etc. And that is why many people do not give importance to it and always look for the cheapest version.

Today we are going to see why we should not do that and what this type of connector really matters to maintain the quality and security of our computer and other devices.

Don’t use cheap cables

The summary could be defined in that. Since as always said, cheap is expensive. And not only because of the quality issue, that using a €2 cable can damage our computers, mobile phones and other equipment, but also because it does not offer us the same service (although we think it does) as a more expensive one.

As for mobiles, the difference when charging is very important, apart from the fact that it will give us a much more unstable voltage, which it will shorten the battery lifeit will also take us longer to fully load it.

broken cable

Regarding a computer, for example, the HDMI cable varies greatly from one version to another, there being models (the cheap ones) that support 720p, therefore, it is possible that we have a 2K monitor with a cable that offers nothing more than quality Standard HD, that is, we will blame the screen when it is ours.

The same happens with cables in poor condition, bent, with knots, etc. These produce voltage and voltage differences that can damage all our equipment little by little and without realizing it. Why do you think these have a cylinder on top of it? It serves to avoid these things, however, if we have it with bare wires… it will be able to do little.

Do you have a 750 W power supply and you put a €2 Chinese cable on it because the original one broke or you lost it? Very good now it is likely that there is not enough power. For that you would have bought a 500 W. It’s like having a €100,000 Ferrari and putting €40 Asian wheels on it

original vs fake cable

I think the summary is clear. One of the worst things we can do is use non-original or damaged cables for our devices. It is true that there are moments in which we have no choice. And nothing will happen to use one of these in a specific one to charge our emergency phone. However, continued use can cause damage without our realizing it. It’s not going to burn out (which it could) or crash our PC all of a sudden. It does it little by little, and the day it fails you will think that it was due to some problem without realizing or ever finding out, that you lost €1,000 from a computer to save a few on the cable.

Besides, a fake one will last much less than an original oneand in the end you will have bought 4 instead of 1. Therefore, you will have saved practically nothing.

So nothing, now you have no excuse and you already know it. What you do from now on is up to you.

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