Using the mail will be more private than ever with ProtonMail

Privacy when using email or any online service is very important. We do not want our personal data to be leaked and end up in the wrong hands. To avoid this, it is essential to choose well where we register or what programs we use. ProtonMail has launched some new features so that the use of email is more private than ever and avoid problems.

ProtonMail is now more private

There are many options that we have to use email and ProtonMail is one of the most private considered. But now it will be even more so. The last announcement they have just made is that they are going to block tracking pixels and hide IP addresses. This is part of what they call enhanced tracking protection.

By default, ProtonMail will now block tracking pixels. This technique is used for know if someone has opened an e-mail or not. It is basically that, a pixel that is attached to the mail and lets the sender know when it has been read. This makes it not private as they would know exactly when we open an email and even if we open it multiple times.

These types of emails are usually sent by Marketing campaings and advertising. It is a way that they can spy on us, to know if there really is a real user behind that account and if it is active or not.

also going to hide IP address. In this way, it ensures that the geographical location remains anonymous and they do not really know where we are. This may also affect the privacy of the user and with these improvements, this information will be hidden from third parties.

According to ProtonMail, more or less 40% of all emails we receive daily are tracked and this has increased in recent years. They ensure that reading an email should be something private and be as protected as the end-to-end encryption they use when sending an email.

Avoid sending data to third parties

With these improvements, ProtonMail prevents us from sending data to third parties without our consent. We are not going to send information through those tracking pixels, nor is the IP address going to be exposed so they can know where we are geographically.

This information could be used by others, beyond those responsible for that e-mail. After all, our personal data has a great value on the network. They can be used to send targeted advertising, learn more about our tastes and include us in certain marketing campaigns, etc.

These new features will be included by default when using ProtonMail. In this way, this email service will reinforce the fact of being known as one of the most private email providers on the market. It is a good solution to prevent our personal data from leaking and even reaching the wrong hands that can use it to launch cyber attacks against our systems and devices. You can see the different options to create an anonymous email.

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