Valk Nyx, comfort and control

To go down to the battlefield, whether it is teleworking or the most seasoned gaming, we will need a discreet technological arsenal that supports our capabilities. But our success in both activities will also reside in our furniture. There are many hours in front of a screen, either with a game controller in our hands or dealing with the demands of a client in front of the camera in a video conference, which will first put the ergonomics and quality of the chair to the test. we are using. And it is that the seat is an element in which it is worth investing, especially with the times that run in which we have increased the hours of work at home due to the circumstances that we all know.

In this sense, the evolution of the gaming market has greatly enriched the offer that we can find with a wide range of chairs for all types of budgets that are not only ideal for endless gaming sessions but can literally protect our backs (and other delicate areas). anatomical) when we are working at home. It is also true that this increase in the offer requires that we have to be more attentive to the characteristics and quality of the chairs that we can find to see if they are adapted to the use we want to give them.

At MC we have had the opportunity to test the Nyx model, one of the most popular chairs in the catalog of the Spanish company Valk. This company has specialized in gaming chairs with the commitment to provide quality products but also a design that wants to go beyond the conventional both in appearance and in the materials and technical solutions used. Valk uses a direct sales channel to market its catalog and has its own support hotline to attend to possible problems or doubts with its products.

We received the Valk Nyx chair in a single box that contains all the necessary elements for assembly, including an instruction sheet with very detailed instructions. In addition to all the pieces in the package we find an extra-large mouse and keyboard mat and a sheet with a promotion that we can participate in to get a prize in exchange for completing a mission. The list of components is very useful to check that we have everything you need to assemble the chair as well as to prepare the necessary tools.

Base Nylon
Frame Steel
Supported weight Up to 120 kg
Supported height Between 166 and 190 cm
Cover material PU synthetic leather
Filling High-density molded foam
Armrests Metal reinforced 2D
Wheels Five 60mm wheels
Height adjustment Class 4 gas lift
Total recline 160 degree
Headrest Cotton-filled foam pillow
Warranty 24 months

Simple assembly

The assembly process is simple and in our case it barely exceeded half an hour. You have to be careful because, for example, the screws are not all the same and you have to place them as indicated in the instructions. If we are attentive there will be no problem. There are details that facilitate the process that are much appreciated, such as that the armrests are packaged in plastic and clearly labeled so that we do not confuse the one on the right side with the one on the left. It is always recommended that the operation be carried out by two people to facilitate things, although it is not necessary.

Valk nyx

Once the chair is assembled, we will also incorporate the cushions: one for the head and one for the lumbar area. They are easily attached with straps that close with a system similar to that used for backpacks and that allow you to adjust their position or remove them if necessary. Both in the cushions and in the seat and back, the material is synthetic leather with perforations to facilitate ventilation with a very pleasant touch and finishes that we have found to be of very good quality with well-finished seams. The chair is decorated with the brand’s logo on the headrest and the name on the back of the backrest.

Valk nyx

The technical characteristics of the chair are remarkable, with the ability to support people weighing up to 120 kilograms and a gas piston system for lifting and cushioning the class 4 chair. Regarding the padding materials, we find molded foam. cold on the seat with a density of 55 kilograms per cubic meter while the backrest has high-density foam of 50 kilograms per cubic meter. The structure is made of steel and has a reclining mechanism for the backrest that allows it to tilt up to 160 degrees while the seat support mechanism allows it to tilt up to 15 degrees.

Nylon Base

The base on which the chair rests is of the star type with a diameter of 70 centimeters made of high resistance black Nylon. The 60-millimeter wheels are also made of the same material. The design of the chair allows it to be used by people of considerable height who can exceed 190 centimeters in total comfort. Finally, the armrests are of the 2D type, that is, they can be adjusted in height but also rotate to vary their inclination on their axis. The padding of the cushions is cotton, although the technical characteristics do not indicate the density.

Valk Nyx, comfort and control 34

Once the technical characteristics have been reviewed, the conclusion is that it is a chair that, on paper, can be considered medium to high category, with good materials. As we have already indicated, the finishes are very careful and there are no defects in the seams nor have we seen the excess that can sometimes be detected in the stamped plastic pieces such as the base or the armrests. Both the tilting mechanism and the one that activates the piston to raise the chair appear to be very robust, with good materials and an adequate fit of the resistant-looking parts.


We have carried out tests with several people of different height and weight to verify the performance and comfort of the chair. The first thing is that the mechanisms are comfortable to operate and do not present resistance whatever the weight of the user. The touch of the synthetic leather material is very successful and it is not too cold. On the other hand, it perspires properly and we do not find the sensation of humidity when we get up after a long session of work or play. The measurements are more suitable for people of stature that exceeds meter seventy for the length of the bench but especially the backrest. It is not that it is uncomfortable, much less if you measure less.

The armrest adjustment system is easy to operate, especially the rotation one. It is interesting when changing activities since the angle and arrangement of the arms is not the same when using a game controller as when typing on a keyboard. Changing the angle is immediate and convenient. The inclination of the backrest is more than enough for any situation. Although some chairs offer a greater angle, it is true that they have a higher price, the truth is that there will not be many circumstances in which we need to be practically lying down.

Valk Nyx, comfort and control 36 Valk Nyx, comfort and control 38

We really liked the padding material, especially the cold-molded foam in the seat that keeps the shape even after hours of use. The chair has an adjustment system under the seat to modify the resistance of the chair’s inclination system so that it tilts more or less when we recline on it. A good detail to enjoy a certain margin of mobility or leave the backrest fixed according to our needs and tastes. The built-in wheels have good quality, although perhaps a little louder than we would like, but in any case not too scandalous and in any case they roll well and evenly, not “each one at its own pace” as sometimes happens with car systems. low quality.

Valk Nyx, comfort and control 40

The texture achieved in the backrest with triangular-shaped reliefs imitating the brand’s logo, the design of the side padding at the lumbar and shoulder height that make us feel “tucked in” by the chair are all details that reveal a careful design that also adds comfort to the chair. We have carried out different tests in gaming situations (with a steering wheel, shooters with a controller and with a keyboard…) and also with work sessions (design, writing, videoconferencing…) and the chair is comfortable after several hours of use. It is important to regulate the height and inclination of the seat so that we do not have circulation problems in the legs (or use a platform for the feet).

Valk Nyx, comfort and control 42


The Valk Nyx chair has seemed to us an excellent playmate that nevertheless has proven to be ideal for long teleworking sessions. Highlight the good quality of the seat and back padding, which also appear to retain their properties over time and with intensive use. Also noteworthy is the good texture of the materials and the built-in cushions. The truth is that it seems that except for some details we could say that we find a chair with the characteristics of a premium product.

The Valk Nyx chair has a recommended price of 249.99 but is on sale at 199.99.

It can be purchased directly on the Valk website.

Final assessment


The Valk Nyx is a gaming chair with an excellent value for money. The quality of the padding, the design and many quality details in its finishes stand out.

Build quality8

Use experience and robustness8

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